Writers Wanted: Planetside 2 & League of Legends

The "4 articles per month" rule is draconian, sometimes you've just got nothing to write about, then what? Forced articles such as "10 ways to X"?.
There's never a lack of things to write about, because our editorial staff maintains a list of topics that we'd like to see written/investigated, and each staff writer has an editor to hold his hand and sing him/her to sleep.The hardest part of writing is often not writing itself, but coming up with a topic on your own. See generally this excellent summation from The Oatmeal:http://theoatmeal.com/comics/m...
As someone who has written for ages, I can completely agree with what Mittani has said.If you'll look at our coverage across the last couple months, I'm sure you won't find any churned-out top ten lists. Its not the kind of thing we're particularly interested in, and its definitely not the work environment we want to promote.
Well thanks, that reassures me that my favorite EvE related news portal won't turn into a EvEnews24.Keep up the good work. :)
As one of the newer writer on this site, I thought that i would be producing one good article a month, with a couple of fluff pieces to pass the time. However I have to say the next few articles that I am writing come from actually talking with all the other writers and passing ideas around.The funny thing is, you have more idea's than you think you do. I was surprised myself
Actually we get flogged. Save yourself! But seriously, I love this work.
TMDC Is a great place to write and work at, I was here for a very brief time as Redfefnir and found I just didn't have the time to write as my life picked up. The big thing is don't be scared and just go for it, there is a lot of talent here, and they can help and support you.
cmon, we have already too much this crap on this site
If I may make a small suggestion. Right now when one fills out the contact form and clicks the submit button the information provided vanishes into the void leaving the applicant unaware if you received it or not. Some kind of automated response would be nice (either via email or even a pop window saying information received). At your end it may help eliminate having to wade through pointless, “did you get my submission?” follow ups. (That's presuming you’re not keeping a running count of the anguished bleats of the spurned for internal chortling.)

As mentioned earlier this month, we're in the process of strengthening some of our desks here at TMC. Our new, even-more-authoritarian regime has produced a ton of excellent content from our new writers, who were selected out of a field of 20+ applicants after sending in writing samples. Not only do we now have a fully-functional Lowsec Desk - something I thought impossible - our World of Tanks staff went from one lonely Knobber to a crew of dedicated armor fanatics. Our weekend coverage has gone from an anemic two pieces a day to four, and our weekday coverage is up to a regular five-publish.

But the content mines are a cruel place and the hunger for quality writers is inexhaustible. We need two types of new writer, at the moment:

League of Legends

Right now we're looking to hire a couple of contributors for our League of Legends desk. Being able to write in an interesting and readable way is more important than having a sky-high ELO - we'll run whatever you submit past our high-ELO staff - but being a top player helps.

Planetside 2

PS2 owns. Virtually everyone we know in EVE is playing it, and we'd like to expand our coverage accordingly. From patch analysis to gun comparisons to 'how to fly a Scythe and not die like an idiot' to scoping out excellent videos of PS2 gameplay, we want more.


Ok, I want to write. Now what?

Do not even bother applying if you're not interested in writing more than twice a month, unless you're a literary genius like Malcanis or James 315, or someone like Grath or Shadoo.

Writers who produce once a week will be compensated 500m isk, with additional payments for each additional article after the fourth that month. The top writer each month gets a bonus of 1b isk; proofreaders get 500m a month on top of their writing salaries. Writing well and consistently can make you more than 2b a month, writing poorly or inconsistently will see you purged from the site at the end of the month.

Writers who produce less than once a week will not be compensated; we are interested in consistent and reliable content, not three pieces at the start of the month and then nothing.

You must have Skype and be willing to be on Skype regularly. We use Skype text chat (not voice-calls) to coordinate and organize our desks.

Use the Contact Us form and indicate which desk you'd like to apply for. If you do not include a writing sample, we will ignore you. If you are too dumb to read this requirement and do not include a writing sample, we chortle over your idiocy. If your writing sample is shit, we will ignore you, too.

Writing samples should be ~800+ words and relate to the desk for which you're applying. You want to join the staff as a Dust 514 guy, write about Dust. You want to do Eve financial analysis, write about that. An ideal sample will be used as your first piece upon being hired, so it should be topical, yet not something that will have a 2-day expiration date.

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