WoT: SerB Facts Round-up

A few posts later Storm mentioned that WG is going to rework fire extinguishers. They will work automatically (both standard and premium one). The only difference will be, that premium will trigger instantly, and standart will have a delay based on your crew Firefighting skill.
Tankleader, the bot in question, can achieve about a 48% winrate in a Lowe, and much better with artillery. So, better than a decent chunk of pubbies.
Its banned to stream battles? Hunh.
Not just "possible" damage to drowned tanks.If some retard drives into a lake or ocean, drive up to the edge so your tank is tilted down enough, and start shooting his tank.You can also use artillery.When it gets to zero HP, you get the kill.
It looks question and answer about streams were misunderstood or just translated incorrectly.Judging by the answers, Knobber took part of the "Ask a dev - 8" topic on Russian forum from March 12th-13th till March 20th. In that period there was only one question regarding banning streams:FuntomAcc0212 (March 13, 2013 - 21:11) wrote: Good day, the disclosure of the position of allies is a malicious violation of the rules of the game and is punishable by ban. It has recently become very popular stream own fights, anyone can go to the stream and see where the enemies are. It turns out that Streamers break the rules and should be banned?SerB: No. Due to the delay and unreliability of such intel.
I was watching Jingles play his m103 mention that Bots could do better than most Special Event Pubbies

Here's the latest SerB and Storm facts from the RU forum. As ever, initial translations were done by Silent Stalker, and he's graciously allowed us to use them on TMC. Additional notes provided by myself. 

  • AT-2 armor is historical according to official sources. 
  • A bug has been reported where you can possibly do damage to drowned tanks.
  • Small objects which reduce tank speed will be fixed.
  • SerB says "many" famous people are playing WoT. 
  • Question: "Will there be additional experience for medals?" Answer: "Stop begging!"
  • The round plate at the rear of the GW Tiger is considered spaced armour.
  • China will have normal premium tanks
  • There will be no replacement for the IS4 top gun. The Chinese equivalent has the same properties.
  • When asked about the Italian medium branch: "I'll let you know when the time is right".
  • Comments have been made about the rough looking nature of the Su100Y; apparently the real tank looked this way.
  • In the future Clan names and tags will be changeable with Gold.
  • Current Artillery may be re-balanced after the Tier X change. 
  • Question: "Why doesn't Dickermax have additional grousers equipment, when other Panzer IV-based vehicles have them?" Answer: "Stop begging".
  • Question: "Why does Valentine II have about one half of ammo than it historically had?" Answer: "Stop begging".
  • Independent suspension is currently being worked on.
  • The second German Tank Destroyer branch will feature some huge vehicles.
  • The second German Medium branch is still being balanced.
  • German guns (he's unspecific) are doing OK. 
  • Larger maps (5x5km) for bigger teams (20-25 tanks) are being worked on.
  • Currently, the depression of M4 (1945) guns is okay, if it was bigger (when the turret is turned to the side), the mantled would clip the hull
  • AT-15 mantlet armor is historically accurate.
  • Its unlikely WG will change crew uniforms relevant to the era. For instance the crew of the Leopard will be in Wehrmacht uniforms, not Bundeswehr ones.
  • SerB says: "takes a real talent to be able to get stuck anywhere, against such a talent we are powerless".
  • Independent suspension has already been tested.
  • KV5's gun depression is historical.
  • The T30's gun has no turret counterweight "for historical reasons".
  • They are planning on making tank hulks movable. 
  • Each shell in game counts as a separate object,  its trajectory is calculated at 0.1 second intervals and isn't just a graphical representation of a pre-calculated trajectory. This means tanks with rapid fire guns do not overload the server.
  • SerB states they work on tank stats only when they have nothing better to do, the game is for masses, not for statistics.
  • Ramming mechanics will only be reworked "If necessary, for now I don't see the necessity".
  • HEAT shells were not deemed necessary to ricochet. 
  • In reference to the Japanese supertank: SerB states Maus and E-100 can call him "bro".
  • The E75 and E100 armor layout is historical and it is modeled according to Wargaming's sources. Question: "Why isn't German multi layered armor modeled in the game?" Answer from Storm: "Because such armor was in no model of the mentioned nation until the end of 20th century".
  • SerB regarding the same issue: "This question has been answered already, the tank corresponds to our data"
  • When a player asked a ridiculous question regarding 'spotting rays', SerB had this to say: "So what do you think, are our programmers complete retards, or will you leave them a chance for a small glimmer of intellect?".
  • In response to spotting detection: "Their calculations are requiring and thus they are done only in limited intervals" 
  • The Italians bought a license for the Panther but produced any. They looked at producing smaller versions of it but in the end did copy any technology from it because Italian industry wasn't that advanced. They copied concepts from it when made it into the P.40-P.43 series.
  • This is how it would have looked: the P.40, P.43, Panther:

  • SerB thinks the P.43 would use Christie suspension, rather than Torsion Bar. 
  • The Churchill AVRE may be put into WoT.
  • The German Bundeswehr tanks will not get special Premium camouflages (i.e. separate from the existing German Wehrmacht tanks) and they're not sure what the stock camouflage will be.  (It's worth noting that Dunkelgrau,  the stock paint scheme for all the German tanks in World of Tanks, was no longer used as a standard base coat as of October 1942, so if the Bundeswehr tanks did come with Dunkelgrau as standard it would be no more historically incorrect than a Panther or Tiger II painted in an all over Dunkelgrau scheme).
  • Question: What about official camouflage values? Answer: "No, players would whine 'why does this tank have more than that' etc. It's not on our actual to do list, maybe one day"
  • It's not planned to do special maps for higher Tier vehicles only. 
  • The maximum tank display distance of 500m has not been reduced, it will be increased as the technology allows.
  • It can't be clearly stated whether unlocking the engine or new suspension increases overall Tank Destroyer maneuverability, it depends on too many factors.
  • No data has been uncovered from Bovington about the FV100 assault vehicle, at the moment its just a rumour.
  • The T-43 is doing fine without the D-10T gun. SerB states the Chinese T-34-1 has the 100mm to bring its performance in line with its Tier, it would under perform without the 100mm gun, while T-43 would be overpowered with it.
  • The 25% spread of damage and penetration are not related to each other. They're independent. 
  • Multi-core support is already in game, when client side physics is introduced they will load up the second processors more. 
  • New servers will be introduced in time.
  • The concept of converting free XP to crew XP (for gold) has been refused.
  • Company and Random stats will be separated.
  • It's not clear whether KV-2 will appear in historical battles, so far the general concept is ready, not the roles of individual tanks.
  • It won't be possible to buy two premium tanks of the same type in the future.
  • British pink desert camouflage? "I don't like it, but I can't do anything about it, it existed"
  • Streaming battles is not banned.
  • Eventually tank models will be reworked and pieces will come off when damaged.
  • The camouflage mechanics will be changed but the earliest it will happen is 9.0.
  • Players will be able to disabled Havok client physics.
  • The view range of 445m will not be removed
  • The IS7 may get a RoF buff. 
  • SerB states that players with too many complaints against them are investigated but not banned automatically.
  • Punishment for team kills committed by Artillery will be treated no differently than any other type of tank.
  • The ASU-85 will not be introduced.
  • The amount of shells left in your ammo rack does not influence the chance for ammo rack explosions. The only exception is if the ammo rack is completely empty. He doesn't state if that the tank has to have no ammunition in it or just that particular ammo rack.
  • 6th sense and other perks work even if the crew is not trained to 100 percent.
  • SerB on why hardcore mode was scrapped: "No one needs this garbage. Everyone wants it really badly, but practically no one plays it - that can be seen on other projects."
  • There won't be AI-driven bots in near future.
  • There is no "okay, that's enough" regarding the amount of vehicles for respective nations.
  • When you damage a drowned tank, the damage doesn't count to your total damage done.
  • Damage awarded for lighting up a target is distributed evenly between all the scouts lighting the target at the time of damage.
  • SerB doesn't think the tier 7 premium T-44A will be a failure.
  • HEAT shells do not have an increased chance to set an engine on fire or cause ammo rack damage or an explosion.
  • The amount of XP needed to train 3+ skills on the crew won't be reduced.
  • There is no plans to introduce a research path from Artillery to regular tanks
  • Also, Storm made an article about graphics on the developer blog, where he asks players what they think of them. 
  • Shadows won't return to the old renderer and won't be improved or optimised. 
  • Trees can heavily reduce FPS even on good computers; if that happens, Storm recommends lowering the tree quality
  • Ruinberg streets will be flattened.
  • Arty will definitely not be removed from the game.
  • The Artillery hard cap has been wanted for a long time.
  • According to Yuri Pasholok, there was a plan to make an SPG based on the IS4 hull but definitive information has been discovered.
  • Additional equipment and/or consumable slots are not planned at all.
  • SerB says things get sometimes forgotten in the patch notes.
  • The firefighting skill does not enhance the speed of the automatic fire extinguisher
  • Regarding new Chinese Premium tanks: "If we decided to implement, I'll tell you"
  • More models for destroyed tanks are planned
  • Gold consumables for Silver has been confirmed by not date has been given.
  • No extra balancing for platoons planned.
  • Soviets won't get a special branch of vehicles constructed by N.Astrov.
  • The frequency of spotting checks will possibly be increased, but SerB states the algorithm adds server load. 
  • SerB states there won't be an option for a player to see who added him as a friend, there will however be a function that will allow you to accept private chats only from people in your friends list.
  • T-60 and T-50-2 are in two different branches, the introduction of T-60/70/80 will not influence the characteristics of T-50-2
  • Guns with muzzle brake reduce camouflage of the vehicle when shooting, more than those without. 
  • You get extra XP for base capture points you accumulated even if the battle ends by destroying the enemies or the enemy wins by capping first. 
  • There won't be any "East German" premium tanks for now but if there was it would likely be a T34-85.
  • The map which is shown in the "Development Section" is Pearl River and will feature in 8.5.
  • There will be no special game mechanics for semi-AP marine shells
  • An animation for ejecting shells may be included in the future but SerB thinks he actually implemented this already for some tanks. (Authors note, the T62A is an example of why we may not want this included, it would affect the barrel depression each time the shell is ejected).
  • SerB says that the Designated Target perk works 15 degrees from the barrel but the official description says 10.
  • Brothers in Arms does influence the Designated Target perk.
  • The MTLS-1G14 is not planned to appear on Russian or EU server. Note that this tank was part of a special boxed set. 
  • 2  non-penetration hits HE shell  n a row can kill off the entire crew. The current rule is a HE shell cannot kill more than half the crew in one hit.
  • The ELC AMX can get to tier 5-9 battles.
  • SerB states there aren't any blatant spots on the Abbey map where a tank would regularly get stuck.
  • Ram II is placed in the US tree because it uses American chassis and was co-developed by Americans, it won't be moved to the UK branch.
  • SerB states that the incoming camouflage system change is connected with the camo having too little effect on large vehicles.
  • Coniferous trees crowns do act as bushes, when it comes to camouflage calculations.
  • According to SerB, the BT "Christie" turret is historical.
  • It's confirmed that press accounts can override map limitations i.e. a higher Tier tank can enter province.
  • T23 won't return in foreseeable future
  • T-50-2 confirmed to be removed out of the game and its replacement will be a Tier VI.
  • AMX-30? "no comment".
  • SerB states that the penetration value within the 25% from average is distributed randomly.
  • Question : "Everybody knows that fire in a tank is the worst thing that can happen! For the crew and the vehicle too! But I noticed that the fire in game doesn't hurt the crew! Do you plan to finish/fix this in the future?" Answer: "Everybody knows that stupid questions in this topic is the worst thing that can happen! For those who answer the questions and have to wade thru sea of stupid questions too. But I noticed that most of those who ask don't read previous answers and post stupid questions! 
  • They don't plan to make fire kill crew members. 
  • Question: "I wonder why enemies, that are 650-700m away from me are not displayed?" Answer: "I wonder why, despite the fact I hand out bans to those who ask stupid questions, the stream doesn't dry out? Maybe I hand out too few bans?"
  • Brothers in Arms and Adrenaline Rush effects are completely sufficient according to SerB
  • Only one player per battle can get the Sniper medal
  • The ARL V39 TD has one visibility checkpoint on the top of the mini turret on the hull. 
  • A new penetration mechanic is being worked on.
  • There will be patches 0.8.5, 0.8.6, 0.8.7, 0.8.8, 0.8.9 before 0.9.0.
  • Question: "Why was my question whether the developers are arty players ignored?" Answer: "Because it's simply stupid. No one will run from floor to floor and ask people 'dear person, are you an arty player?'"
  • New modules and module categories are being planned.
  • Current Tier 8 Artillery are scheduled to be switched to tier 9 or 10. It depends on the Artillery in question.
  • Storm says it is not true that one algorithm is responsible for all the game's randomly generated numbers.
  • Regarding the question who gets the kill when two tanks shoot at the enemy at the same time: "Frag will go to the person whose shot the server processes first."
  • Applique armour as a module is confirmed. 
  • A tanks camouflage value does not change depending on its angle or position. 
  • Storm on Improved ventilation: Ventilation gives bonus to all skills to which a bonus can be given. Eg. the bonus should be displayed everywhere. There is one catch: the bonus from ventilation is given also to the commander and he in turn gives his increased commander bonus to the other members of the crew. So, the total bonus is recieved is 5 percent for the commander and more than 5 percent for the rest of the crew
  • The only way to win when the enemy has captured your base (when the warning appears that the enemy has successfully captured it), is to kill of the enemy team within 5 seconds.
  • The difference in damage between the Soviet and Chinese Zis-4 gun is given by the "gun specifics"
  • The 5 second timer between the base capture and the end of the battle is reset by the destruction of any freindly or enemy vehicle.
  • The ammo rack hitbox is not separated into shells or casings and its not planned to change that. 
  • So far no additional skills have been found to give to the Loader. 
  • There is a new sophisticated bot program for WoT, that not only drives around, but also fights. SerB states that bots that simulate regular game are not dealt with automatically; they have to be reported by players and statistics are then checked in order to deal with them.
  • The ELC will not be renamed to the historically correct ELC Bis
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