WoT: SerB and Storm April Facts

Well. That's a lot to digest.
Smoke would be awesome, especially for covering retreats.
Covering retreats doesn't mean there's actual cover, just like covering fire doesn't magically produce cover. It just makes the opposition less likely to shoot you, either because they're ducking out of the way of your rounds or can't accurately see your position.
You know what? When War Thunder bring the tanks WG will reconsider "we don't care, we don't see it as a problem, WE, WE, WE, WE. War Thunder is already ahead with the planes and I'm sure they will try their best to offer something that will compete will WOT.
Smoke also means "Hey artillery! Shoot this spot". While its a cool idea, a GW Type E has a Premium round splash of 10 meters, smoke might just make it easier to shoot tanks, especially if they've not actually been seen or are unsure if they've become camouflaged again so have used smoke just in case. Really depends on the implementation of it.
inb4 World of Canadians
War Thunder is definitely a false flag dev project from WG to disguise their C20th wargaming monopoly http://www.droidgamers.com/ind...
Diesel fuel is rated by its Cetane level, not Octane level. Just thought I would be "that guy". Love tanks by the way and I cant wait for world of warships to go live. Im a huge military history nerd from the WWI-Korean era so this triple faceted approach by WG gets me all moist and gushy.
A skill based MM won't happen.I'm surprised he didn't hand out a ban for this one. How many times has that been asked? At least once per Q&A I think.Removed Herobrine

Here's the first half of April's SerB and Storm facts from the Russian forums. As ever, credit for the translations goes to Silent Stalker. Sadly, there is not much trolling of note this time round, but plenty of useful bits of information.

  • Game balance and tank rates are looked at in every patch.
  • The fate of the GW Panther (whether it will move or not) will be announced later.
  • No alternative medium tank branches will come in the foreseeable future.
  • Trophy, i.e., captured tanks, will come in the very far future.
  • Question: "Storm, in the recent ASAP videos you appear every time wearing the same sweater. Does it have anything to do with the gold shells for credits introduction?" Answer: "Definitely! 'We need more gold'. Our sales are not enough to buy a second sweater..."
  • Storm states that the issue with Nvidia cards is not yet solved.
  • The Leopard 1's shell ejector mechanism doesn't have any effect on its camouflage value.
  • The T28 Prototype was based on this sketch:

T28 prototype sketch base

  • No other pictures or drawings exist. It was made from scratch by Wargaming. A wooden model did exist.
  • When artillery is rebalanced and some tanks move tiers, there will be no free tanks given out. However, because there will be some additions to each tree and some tanks will move tier, Wargaming's answer to this is to unlock tanks in previous tiers, i.e., if you have the GW Type E and it moves to Tier X, you won't get a free Tier VIII, but it will be unlocked and available to buy.
  • Storm states that no changes were made to the Löwe in the last patch.
  • SerB and Storm on claims the Löwe was nerfed: "If there was a poll 500 years ago about the shape of the Earth, the winning answer would be that it's flat" and "Many say there are UFO's, but have no proof, just like you don't."
  • The total amount of experience needed to progress up the new artillery trees will be around the same as normal Tank trees, i.e., 650,000 to 750,000.
  • Destroyable foliage, similar to trees, is not planned.
  • It is planned to allow certain shell types, like AP and APCR, to pass through small destructible objects rather than cause them to be destroyed along with the shell.
  • Storm says the Maus is unpopular because it's slow.
  • Some "people with very high reputation" claim the GW Elefant (new German arty) is a Wargaming fake. WG will "tell everything later."
  • The minimum thickness for spaced armor plates to be implemented into WoT is 10 mm. Thinner armor plates won't be modeled
  • Storm is aware that the T-44 turret is not historical,  but doesn't appear to care.
  • British second TD branch will not come this year, nor will any other British TD vehicles be introduced. However, additional British Mediums and Heavies are being worked on for an unspecified date.
  • According to WG, ammo rack explosions for MG rounds (7.92 etc.) are fine.
  • According to WG, there is no need to buff IS7.
  • TD experience gain may be rebalanced. Older players will remember that it was nerfed in the past.
  • The T-50-2 will not be removed from the game.
  • The Tiger II's maximum speed will not be buffed.
  • There is no plan to change the point limit for Company Battles.
  • The Hellcat won't receive a 105 mm howitzer: "We don't consider it necessary."
  • The perk system will be reviewed in the future, but for the moment no additional perks are planned.
  • They're considering implementing a shortcut for "Sorry."
  • There are no plans to implement a system for stuck tanks to become unstuck. They don't consider it a problem.
  • There will never be a stat reset option.
  • There is no coefficient that would award credits for damage done based on what shell was used.
  • New Nvidia drivers still have the bug, where the game says "Not enough experience" and crashes, when you open a Tech Tree branch. WG is looking into it.
  • In 8.6, the Bat Chat 155 arty will be Tier IX.
  • The 8.6 German arty shown in the ASAP video is the "GW Elefant", most likely T9. According to SerB, it was "developed for a 210 mm gun."
  • The WZ-120 frontal glacis angle is the same as the T-54's, 60 degrees.
  • The new Soviet 8.6 arty is the SU-14-2 prototype, a faster but more lightly armored SU-14
  • Japanese super heavy tanks were not designed with effectively angled armor. They were built to withstand explosions of up to 406 mm. The "40-roadwheel superheavy" was an OI development, designed by the Navy for coastal defense. This particular vehicle's blueprints do exist but in an unspecified private archive. Wargaming has been attempting to buy these for two years and will publish them if they acquire them.
  • Damaged fuel tanks have no effect on a tank's performance, however a destroyed fuel tank will cause a fire.
  • As mentioned before, there are plans to add captured tanks. The captured German KV1 will have a different gun than the Soviet KV1. The captured T34 will likely have a better view range as the captured T34s were retrofitted with German cupolas.
  • In 8.6, the S-51 will keep its 203 mm gun.
  • When AP shells penetrate, they travel the distance of several shell calibers. The amount is unspecified.
  • When in contact with spaced armor or external modules, the same rules apply for HEAT shells as for AP shells.
  • HEAT shells do not have an increased chance to set the tank on fire.
  • There are no current plans to introduce the Soviet T-100 and T-111 heavy tanks, but it's not out of the question.
  • SerB states that both map bases don't have to be symmetrical, but the asymmetrical aspects compensate for their placement.
  • Soviets will have a new heavy tank planned, possibly a whole new branch containing tanks with rear mounted turrets.
  • The current Tier IX Centurion is not the Israeli Sho't Kal.
  • The developers are gathering details on the Chieftain and its prototypes, but it's not currently planned to put it into the game.
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