WoT: Rumormill Roundup

Knobber, are murderclowns a thing for our WoT articles now? Ref, my T-28 article pending publish. ;)
Adding to rumor mill: SerB mentioned that second tree of German medium tanks (Leo-1) will be implemented sooner than British arty and TD.

In 2013 we want to bring you guys more news and updates from Wargaming. A player from the Czech community, Silentstalker, has kindly allowed us to use his translations from Wargaming's Russian forums, where SerB and Storm regularly answer players questions and berate others for whining, much to the entertainment of everyone who is not the whiner.

Week 1, 2013 Update

  • The devs don't see the limited barracks capacity as an issue, as according to them, "the crews live mainly in tanks and go to the barracks only when they don't have a vehicle to get into"
  • Regarding the barracks slots for gold: the developers don't see the barracks as something "needed", it only makes the life easier and therefore the additional slots cost gold - if the player doesn't want to keep the tankers in the barracks, he doesn't have to.
  • According to SerB, the ring at the end of the top gun (M68) of the M48 Patton is not a muzzle brake. SerB thinks it could be a counterweight, or some sort gas protection, but regardless it's historically accurate according to WG references
  • The D-10T2S gun will be used on other vehicles (namely the Soviet second med line) "if necessary"
  • Russian server (or rather, client) is supposed to get new crew voiceovers (by some known Russian actors)
  • There will be no compensations if an account banned by a moderator is cleared on appeal
  • Responding to a comment that being chat-banned prevents you from playing well, as you can't communicate in battle: "don't break the rules"
  • XVM isn't likely to get banned (SerB appeals to common sense while using it though)
  • It is not planned to make the ramming damage bigger for situations where a very heavy target crashes into a very light target with a small difference of speeds only
  • Micro-freezes and micro-lags: SerB advises to vacuum out your computer and to solve overheating issues if you have any. Either that, or to check your internet provider - those are the most common reasons
  • The weight of the GW E is fine
  • Devs don't consider the physics introduction rushed
  • New soundtrack will be added continuously to the game
  • Komarin and Swamp again confirmed to return, when it's done it's done
  • Object 271 ("Kondensator") won't be introduced
  • There will be some changes to the trees, eventually
  • Current maps will be changed in the future - This is due to the renderer change.
  • When there is a discount on premium shells, their use rises approximately by one round per battle on average
  • The camo bonus difference of trees with leaves and "dead" trees without leaves is "considerable"
  • Soviet and German trophy (captured) tanks in 2013? "unlikely"
  • There are plans to reintroduce the post-game statistics for replays, not soon
  • The fact that the Super Pershing has very low gun HP is not a bug
  • Panzer IIJ is not expected to appear in any shop
  • Destructible bridges are unlikely to appear, as it would seriously annoy the players
  • British Lend Lease branch in 2013? "there is a chance, but not guaranteed"
  • Improved Sherman (Sherman with a 90mm M3 gun installed) - so far there are no plans
  • There MIGHT be tier 10 light tanks, in the distant future
  • FCM50t stats: "if it stands out, we'll take action"
  • Damage statistics for each shot are not planned
  • Q: "how will the multiturret mechanism look like" A: "It will look the way the technical limitations will allow it"
  • Any rumors about the 0.9.0 patch are completely made up
  • When the first heavy tier 10 was introduced into the game, some hardcore clans actually unlocked it within days
  • There is an interesting phenomenon on Russian servers that in the early morning hours, tier 5 scout tanks often appear as the top tanks of the battle, apparently because there very few high tier vehicles present in the game at that time
  • The hardcap is confirmed to be temporary (SilentStalker states: also, Storm and SerB started bashing the arty whiners, bans flying all over the place)
  • Q: Will the T18 end up as Marder did, with a nerf? A: (by Storm): "A bloody fiery eye of the nerf thirsty Wargaming immediately fixes on the tiny T18" and "Well, let's see what we have here..." 
  • The ability to change the hull of the tank is still just an idea - if the devs do it, the hulls will be visually different
  • The ability to see the ping of each member in the battle is not planned 
  • Regarding bans for being AFK: "If it happens often to a player, it might be viewed as botting and we take that very seriously"
  • The repair costs and profitability of tier 8 arty have been unified with other tier 10 vehicles, not tier 8, as tier 8 arty is considered a tier 10 vehicle and will be pushed to tier formally in the summer
  • There is a better interface planned for the transfer of crew and equipment from tank to tank
  • M50 Ontos not planned - Walker Bulldog is planned, there was a very slight mention of the ASU-57 and the SU-100P (player asked whether they didn't implement them because there was no place for them in the current branches and Storm confirmed)

Thanks to Silentstalker for the translation of the RU forum Q&A thread. 

Other news

In Overlord's latest blog he's commented on the new rules regarding the numbers of artillery the matchmaking system will place into any given battle; its been set to a 3.5 average. Overlord states:  

"Additional match-making requirements that are already live on RU servers and pending implementation worldwide are the following: 

5 SPGs per team is a so called semi-hard cap which means 5 is maximum number of SPGs per team if the battle is created correctly, ie without any errors. The prerequisites for that are relatively high CCU (that's why might be somewhat hard for NA server) and no particular imbalance or disproportion between vehicle classes in waiting queue.

In addition to the above the SPG-cap for high tier battles is floating and varies from 2 to 5 arty units per team. 

Simplifying things, battles are created by the server in succession with different SPG limits: 2, 3, 4, 5, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc

For lower tiers the limits are a bit different and depend on the average SPG percentage for that particular battle tier.

Such matchmaking adjustment will increase waiting time in queue for all tanks:
- for tanks/TDs the increase is going to be relatively small - up to a few seconds (under normal conditions)
- for SPGs the increase is going to be more noticeable - up to 30-60 seconds in worst cases."

Also, it's still not to late to take part in the 8.3 play test. You can find details here.


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