The Wormhole Massacre

According to reports, the incidents that took place on December 2nd, 2012 were a result of "Hard Knocks trolling W-Space by insulting their mothers in Russian after W-Space refused to fight Hard Knocks".  W-Space apparently took offense to this and responded by reinforcing Hard Knocks' entire wormhole staging system.

Reportedly outnumbered by the invading Russians, Hard Knocks requested the aid of some allies - Sleeper Social Club, KILL, and Verge of Collapse.  Unlike normal space, this was not a matter of how far away they were, or how many jumps it would take, this was a task that could take hours and see no results.  Refusing to give up, Hard Knocks' allies constantly scanned and closed wormholes for hours until they finally got Hard Knocks' wormhole entrance in order to help.  Not unlike a movie scene, their allies appeared to save them right as all hope seemed lost.


With a numbers advantage on their side, the defenders mopped up W-Space's 27 strategic cruisers, 7 dreadnoughts, and 11 mostly faction battleships in what seems to be the largest, or at least most expensive wormhole fight that I've seen.  The defenders were nice enough to take pictures of their fleet, including the aftermath.

I'm sure that Hard Knocks is grateful for their allies' assistance, but there's one thing I know about Russians: this isn't over.

Update: Another video of the fight!

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