Worlds Collide Tournament: Tranquility Wins

The results from the first Worlds Collide Tournament are in and The Camel Empire team, representing Tranquility, have won 3-1.

While many on Tranquility saw the victory as inevitable from the beginning, both teams represent some of the very best tournament players of their respective servers. Along the way, both were able to showcase their creativity in the tournament.

In the first match, the City of Angels team, representing Serenity, used hull-tanked rapid heavy missile Fleet Typhoons to overcome the Camel Empire’s team comprised of an Eos, paired Ishtars, and paired Navitas for remote repairs. The victory and the surprise use of structure tanking seemed to surprise many observers, who speculated that a lot of money likely changed hands as a result of the outcome.

It was all Camel Empire from there out, though, as Round 2 saw the Tranquility team field the same array of ships against a team of a Cynabal, Keres, Malediction, and two Cerberus. Opening up by sensor-dampening the Keres into uselessness, Camel Empire quickly killed the Chinese team’s Malediction. Though the first ASB-tanked Cerberus held on for some time, the outcome never seemed in question.

In Round 3, it was City of Angels’ turn to repeat their previous set-up, facing off against a Damnation, Maulus, and pair of Confessors with an Oneiros for logistics. The first Camel Empire Confessor was quickly destroyed caught in speed mode for tackle, while the Maulus was lost soon after. City of Angels then turned their attention to the remaining Camel ships, but the Tranquility Team’s Oneiros was up to the challenge. Not only was the pilot, Sturm Gewehr, able to keep the Confessor alive with a combination of remote armor repairs and logistics drones, but he also successfully tanked with local reps in what many observers on- and off-stage called an incredible display of how to fly logi right.

With their backs against the wall in Round 4, City of Angels produced an unusual team of twin Hyperions, Caracal, Stiletto, and Rifter. Opposing them, Camel brought a pair of Heretics, Phobos, and Astarte, with remote repairs provided by an Exequror support cruiser. The local reps of the first Hyperion held out for a long time, but both of the Serenity team’s frigates died before being able to limit the Heretics’ movement and Camel Empire was able to bring the match and the tournament to a decisive end.

Prizes for the winning team supplied by Razer, and every account on the victorious server will be receiving a limited-edition Victorieux Luxury Yacht, a ship that will never be seen on the other server. The Yacht will be able to warp cloaked, feature improved warp stability and bubble immunity, and presumably will be allowed to take Black Ops bridges and suffer reduced fatigue, though CCP Gargant did caution that cargo space will be limited. would like to offer up our sincere congratulations to the Camel Empire team for their victory and thanks for the free ships.

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