We go all in or we burn: An N3 Coalition Update

(Editor's Note: Alliance Updates are aimed at internal audiences and usually are considered the gospel truth by their membership but vile propaganda by everybody else. We really shouldn't need to keep adding these disclaimers. This one comes to us via Progodlegend.)

All of the station systems Sort Dragon dropped sov on and handed to the CFC have been recovered and are back in TEST's hands, as are a majority of the moons lost before our arrival. The only station left in Fountain owned by the CFC is 4-EP, which is also a station they happened to drop at the start of this war. Suffice to say we're making excellent defensive progress and need to keep building on this. If we can keep rolling back the CFC's modest gains, we can begin taking the fight to their own territory and really drive home what a monumental miscalculation Mittani & Co. made by kicking off this Fountain campaign.

Now, this is one of the big elephants in the room, so we may as well deal with it now. On July 2nd, we had a potentially major setback — a rogue alliance director who had been inactive decided to make an exit by robbing our July rental payments to date, then disbanded both S2N Citizens and Nulli Legio. Over 200 systems simultaneously dropped sov, including roughly 50 stations. This is something that could have easily been a deathblow to the war effort in Fountain, and it is only through the absolutely heroic efforts of both our coalition and PL that we managed such a miraculously swift recovery. In under 6 hours, all of the stations had been flipped to friendly hands. Within a day, we had reclaimed most of the sov that had dropped. We’re still in the process of moving it all over to the new rental alliance, but the recovery we made was incredible. I’d like to thank all of N3, TEST, PL, and everyone else who helped grind and/or donated large quantities of TCUs to help get the space re-secured. The sheer scale of this feat was utterly unprecedented in EVE history, and everybody who pitched in should feel justifiably proud.

While we were east taking care of the home front, the CFC used this as an opportunity to stop grinding in bombers and decided to bring their capital fleet out of mothballs. They reinforced twenty systems during this offensive sprint. Within 24 hours we were back on the front, and in another extremely impressive showing, 19 of the 20 systems were saved the next day. Excellent work, guys.

Of course, since good things cannot last forever and I have a tendency to smug really hard right before things take a turn for the worst, we subsequently suffered a series of stinging rebukes. Over two days we lost two Domi fleets hilariously to bombs, TEST lost roughly 30 carriers, and another 200 Rokhs died. If you want a proper summary of the entire Z9PP clusterfuck, PL's Manfred Sidious did an excellent writeup that can be read here. It was a horrible string of days that we only got out of without completely losing TEST's ass due to CCP having such fat fingers that they hit Q instead of Z. In short, we got damn lucky, but we'll take it — luck's as good as skill on the battlefield. Losses or no, the war continues.

In happier news, the Aussie TZ has been driving all before it, in no small part due to the much-beloved Canaris Roshaak. He's been putting our Dominix fleet to good use and has dunked every CFC FC who has faced him. That’s not to say we haven't had our fair share of bad times in AU: I welped two Rokh fleets in the past week, though I did get my revenge the next night in both cases. Despite these incidents, we've won far more than we've lost in the AUTZ, with Domis being dominant and even managing to kill an anchoring station egg. This is only the third time an egg has been cracked in EVE's history, and the two previous losses were in 2005 and 2006 by scrubby sixth-rate alliances nobody bothers remembering these days. To not put too fine a point on things, it takes some rare skill to fuck up this badly. Our coalition's investment in the AUTZ is paying off in spades, and we anticipate yet more audacious deeds from this merry band of brigands in the weeks and months ahead.

Financial Issues?

The big question here is obviously going to be "are we broke?" The answer is simple: no. We're covered for this month, and due to everybody's strenuous efforts, things will be back to mostly-normal in August.

Current Issues

Fleet numbers are down across the coalition, and this needs to be fixed. Guys, this is an amazing war with more fights and content than I’ve ever seen before. Step up and get involved in the brawling. X up for fleets. I promise our FCs will stop being silly and warping fleets of BS to gates unscouted and dying horribly to 50 bombers (gg). We need max numbers all the time to win this. We as a coalition should easily be maxing out two fleets and have a fleet of bombers/gokufleet and have an overflow ewar fleet to throw at any fight we want in the EUTZ, but so far we’re struggling to fill that second fleet.

So stop fucking around and let’s all step up our game so we can make this happen. Block wars of this magnitude literally require you to modify the way you play the game for a while. Everyone lives in our form up system, everyone is on jabber, everyone responds to jabber pings when they can and gets in fleets that are being put up around the clock. That's how we are going to be able to win this war.

Yes, blueballs suck, but those blueballed fleets don’t take too long due to us having uncontested capital superiority. When the CFC decides to claim spurious "tactical victories" by wasting their members' time, we get to unleash our big guns and let them do all the heavy lifting. The CFC can spend hours grinding ihubs in bombers all they want; we'll do it in five minutes — but only if we can get the crucial subcap support the supers need to safely operate. Every man, woman, and (man)child counts towards final victory! Only together can we smack the smarmy sneer off Mittens' smug face.

Why We Fight

I'd like to make something perfectly and unambiguously clear to everybody, so pay close attention to this part. The entire reason N3 as a coalition was formed was in anticipation of this war. This is literally our raison d'etre. Grinding Russians out of the east, setting up a rental empire, fucking around on deployments around the map — all of these things were simply preparatory steps on the path towards today's events. If we can't do this, we're fucked in just about every sense imaginable. So pull out all the stops, put everything on the line, play all our cards, leave nothing for tomorrow; whatever trite adage you prefer, the bottom line is that this is the one war in which we simply cannot hold anything back.

Either every single member of every single alliance in our bloc goes all-in for the duration, or we burn.

Other Announcements

Register for our new services @ https://auth.nullisecunda.com. If you need help, talk with Icras or anyone on TS with the SSO help tag; they’ve already completed the process and should know what they’re doing.

Spies - I want more of you. In particular, if you have an active character in the CFC, PM Jean Leaner or contact him on Jabber.

Please read the military update post below this one for the remaining updates on fleet comps and other shit.

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