Wardecs Complicate Ev0ke Sov Handover

The transfer of sovereignty in the most vital areas of Vale of the Silent has been complicated by a war declared by Goonswarm Federation, which was then locked into that war declaration by the other party. To work around the problem, GSF has enlisted neutral alt corps, as well as CFC member alliances Gentlemen's Agreement <GENTS> and C0NVICTED <AIF>, to help manage the transfer of sovereignty in the region.

To get more insight into the nature of the problem, we spoke to an expert on wardec mechanics. "Current wardec mechanics loopholes are preventing alliances with outgoing wars from using sov transfer corps," said The Zerg Overmind, CEO of Dec Shield, an alliance designed to test the limits of the war declaration system. Dec Shield's latest accomplishment is to trap a full 1% of the EVE player base in permanent, irrevocable wardecs. "Because these alliances can be unwillingly and permanently locked into these wars, any sov transfer corps that drop from their alliance to join another will also be permanently locked in these outgoing wars. Any corp locked in an outgoing war is forbidden by game mechanics from joining another alliance. Hence, Goonswarm can no longer ever use sov transfer corps, ever again."

This poses a significant problem for an alliance which leads a major coalition. GSF must frequently transfer sovereignty to other CFC members as a part of trades and division of spoils. In the absence of sovereignty transfer capabilities, Goonswarm must now actually shoot stations to flip them if it wishes to assume control of station systems from allies. This adds an interminable grind to the already notoriously clunky sov transfer process. 

The hijinks of Dec Shield have already put pressure on CCP to change the wardec system, which previously was said in both GM communications and publically to be functioning as intended. Coalition members hope that a sovereignty transfer mechanic of some kind could be added in a future patch, or at the very least a fix be engineered for the wardec system. Even if this occurs, it is likely far too late to ensure that the changes arrive in Retribution. As a result, the CFC will be unable to leverage GSF's logistics directorate to assist in sov transfers directly, making life rather more complicated - and tedious - for the coalition in the coming months.

Kesper North is a humble line member in GoonSwarm Federation. His passions in EVE are nullsec politics and solo PVP. He gladly accepts donations of Orthruses. Twitter: @KesperNorth