War Update: Esoteria and Impass

The grinding of sovereignty in the South is continuing at a steady pace for the HBC, but it has lost some of its initial pace. Esoteria is being ground down at a slower pace than expected and Impass sees the birth of a new project.


Esoteria dreaming

Grinding down sovereignty in Esoteria is proving to be harder than expected... not because of heavy opposition, but because of the sheer number of timers the region has presented to the HBC. Fleet numbers and enthusiasm are slacking which is quite understandable, nobody likes shooting structures all day long. Initial response to the Esoteria takeover was, however, very energetic with the fall of C9N-CC , a system that belonged to Esoteria ancients for years and years.

What little resistance the HBC has seen in Esoteria are harassment actions, often in the form of small Tornado gangs from defenders like Stain Empire, C0VEN and other residents. Other forms of countering HBC operations consist of repping up structures after they come out of reinforced at impossible times. The coalition did manage to buy much of Inver Brass' sovereignty and it hopes to push through its current operations and reinforce the last few structures remaining.


Impass brawling

This southern region is seeing the birth of a new project. Sovereignty is being divided between a new mini-coalition and future residents should include Insidious Empire and Cha Ching PLC. They are being aided by the greater HBC in grinding down structures.

Recently, those future residents managed to take down an X-Com inc supercarrier. A 20-man Out of Sight. hero gang managed to pin down 2 Nyxs, some carriers and a dreadnought in TWJ-AW, although the fleet was already in an anchored bubble they had put up themselves.

Unclaimed. and Cha Ching PLC were forming up a fleet to hit that same system, unaware of the tackled ships. Together with Out of Sight, they managed to hold one of the Nyxs, a Revelation and a Thanatos in place. Pandemic Legion also joined in at the end of the engagement. While coalition drones - Unclaimed. and Cha Ching PLC in this instance - took care of the supercarrier, the coalition subcapital fleet primaried the enemy Naga gang supporting the X-com inc capital ships. Unclaimed. and Cha Ching PLC initially did not have any logistics on the field and suffered several losses before the Naga gang was killed. X-com inc pilots were constantly reshipping in an attempt to save the tackled Nyx.

The Nyx pilot saw that any attempt to escape was in vain and started the self-destruct sequence, but HBC forces managed to kill it before self-destruct was completed.

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