To The Victors Go The Spoils

With the northern war ended, the Clusterfuck Coalition has been busy with internal negotiations. Technetium moons and sovereignty space must be parceled out. Failure here can sow the seeds of distrust and greed that, for instance, helped undermine the old Northern Coalition. Success will strengthen the bonds between the coalition members.

Paying Tribute

Current Map

Goonswarm Federation will be retaining most of the space it presently holds in Tribute, except for a few key jumpbridge systems that will be used to provide transit to and from Vale. Joining them in Tribute will be Circle-of-Two, an alliance who have been longtime Venal residents and have not felt the shackles of sovereignty in many years. They finally have a new home in the 03C-SU constellation. Tactical Narcotics Team will also receive some space in western Tribute, primarily to grant them additional tech moons.

Evaluating Vale

Vale of the Silent is a huge region, but its division is hampered somewhat by the fact that the region's best trusec is concentrated in a small area in the very center of the region, with a tertiary constellation in the east. That said, the CFC's Corps Diplomatique has done an admirable job of cutting the Gordian knot, with space being awarded to the following alliances (click on the alliance name to view their alloted space):


Fidelis Constans

Gentlemen's Agreement

Legion of xXDeathXx

The UK- and OSJ constellations are TBD.

This arrangement means that C0nvicted and Gentlemen's Agreement are now the dominant sovereignty holders of Vale of the Silent and represents a substantial reward for those alliances for their efforts during the war against NCDOT. Their space is chosen not only with an eye to its intrinsic value, but historical irony as well. Gentlemen's Agreement was formed by former Majesta Empire leadership (full disclosure: I am the CEO of GENTS and was deposed as the leader of Majesta in September of 2009), and occupies most of the space previously occupied by that alliance; likewise, C0nvicted rebelled openly against former allies R.A.G.E in Geminate in response to what leader Wusti termed 'unfair treatment' at roughly the same time that GENTS was formed. Both alliances have a past with the region, and now, it seems, they have a future with it as well.

Musical Space Chairs

Pure Blind


With Tribute in the hands of GSF, the Swarm is now free to focus their holdings in the Deklein-Tribute area, ceding their space and tech moons in Pure Blind to Fatal Ascension. Likewise Get Off My Lawn is uprooting the cheerfully-painted gnomes from their Pure Blind turf and moving into the verdant, grassy, oppressively peaceful region of Branch, occupying the space formerly held by GENTS. This consolidation leaves Fatal Ascension as the dominant sovereignty holders of both Fade and Pure Blind, an unprecedented level of control that leaves them as the holder of the single largest volume of space in the CFC other than GoonSwarm itself. This reward is well-justified, primarily through Fatal Ascension's large size and consistent, significant contribution towards fleet numbers.

Kesper North is a humble line member in GoonSwarm Federation. His passions in EVE are nullsec politics and solo PVP. He gladly accepts donations of Orthruses. Twitter: @KesperNorth