Veto Corp Closes

This announcement was found at their website,, today.  Verone is closing down Veto because he has been "thrust... into a new position that makes (him) no longer able to be (the) CEO (of Veto Corp)."  Speculation is that he has taken a job which prevents him from continuing to play as a prominent character in Eve.  Most assume this means he has taken a job at CCP Games.


When asked directly, Verone was somewhat evasive on the specifics.  He did put the rumor to rest that he would be replacing CCP Loxy.  He confirmed that he will continue being a member of the Eve community, albeit in a different guise.  Those who frequent low sec should cross their fingers that he has assumed a role where he can direct a much needed renovation of that neglected chunk of space.  His knowledge, experience, and passion for low sec may be just what is needed for such a renovation project.


Editor's Note: Verone himself has appended the following comment to this article.


I suppose I'll put some of the speculation here to rest, given there's been a lot of assumption in comments that isn't at all accurate, and the wording above is unclear in places :)

I guess I know what the Evemails from Bagehi were about today now, I would have elaborated if he'd told me what the questions were for, but regardless, the situation is quite simple really.

My professional life revolves around a field of work that's not at all connected with the gaming industry - I'm an Electrical/Robotic Engineer, specialising in high speed industrial automation. A few weeks ago I quit my job, but until recently I was Installing and Commissioning Engineer for one of the largest Confectionery companies in Europe, based in their plant close to my home.

In terms of my professional life, I was simply made an offer I couldn't possibly refuse. This means that I'm unable to lead the corporation any more.

I offered to hand over the leadership of the corp to a number of my Directors, and every one of them declined, with the reason that without my leadership, Veto would not be Veto, and that none of them could fill my shoes. This I found pretty flattering to be honest.

So, as a result, the corporation has been disbanded.

The only members that remain are my characters, and the character of DarkElf, who'll always wear the colours of Veto Corp regardless.

In response to the article above, namely the statement ""He did put the rumor to rest that he would be replacing CCP Loxy", which is a little vague and can be read either way, I'll state outright that this isn't the case. I will not be replacing Loxy at CCP, just to clear that up.

I count Loxy as a very good friend, and professionally he's immensely skilled at what he does, which is shown by the production value that we all just saw with Alliance Tournament X. I was sad on hearing he's parted ways with CCP, and I wish him the best of luck with his new job.

As for Veto, we'll still stay together as a gaming community. Many of us have played Eve together since before Veto was formed, and there are a lot of out of game friendships there.

We'll no doubt be seen in many other games, and I know that quite a few of our guys are thinking about putting together a new PvP outfit in Eve under a different name. It all depends on what they want to do in Eve I guess. Regardless I wish them the best of luck.

With regards to meets and stuff, Veto as a gaming community will still be hosting the London meet on September 29th (I urge everyone to come along to it and raise a glass to 7 years of piracy - the thread is on the Events & Gatherings forum on Eve-O).

As a community, meets will also be hosted for Eve players in future in London, and we'll still all be blobbing FanFest for fun, shenanigans and pubcrawls :)

Bagehi began playing Eve in 2003 briefly, then returned in 2006. He has been part of IAC, NC, SoCo, and HBC during that time. He has a thing for history, but mostly spends his time IRL in a corner office, staring at financial reports, like a MMD.