Venal: When the Biggest Enemy Is Yourself

Kcolor is the main bomber FC for the CFC and was present at this fight, while I try to remove bias from engagements there will always be some.

The first "real" timers of the war between the CFC and Blackpizza1k (name pending) came out Jan 08, 2013.  Two tech moons in P-VY under Black Legion.'s ownership were coming out of their reinforce cycle.  The CFC greatly outnumbered BL/Pizza/401k, the possible reason being that Makalu and co. were still transitioning into their new homes.  The CFC fielded sentry carriers (known as Das Uber Boot), Alphafleet (Maels, Rokhs, Logis), a frigate fleet, two bomber fleets, and a small t3 battlecruiser fleet.  BL. looked to be forming ahacs, with and 401k had bombers in-system. Black Legion. decided to stand down, while 401k stayed in system to harass the CFC.

As the CFC fleet getting situated on the tower, their t3 battlecruisers warped in and proceeded to get bombed, losing about half the fleet. While both towers were quickly dispatched despite that setback, SMA was wildly unprepared to re-tower the moon.  After five minutes of the moon sitting tower-free, 401k was able to ninja in a small tower.  With only bombers on the field, they were unable to stop the CFC forces from destroying the replacement after it was captured, though SMA fumbled again, nearly resulting in the spot being stolen a second time.

The rest of the night was uneventful. SMA lost a few more haulers trying to online and fuel the towers, but eventually they re-secured their two tech moons.

401k put up a good fight given their resources, while BL. probably made the best choice by not engaging. Hopefully more timers yield similar results, but either way, hostilities in Venal are underway!


Eve-Kill Battlereport

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