Update on the War in the North

With UMI-KK station flipped and in goon hands, there was a bit of a lull in activities as the CFC was finally able to bathe and eat something other than Cheetos, rather than camp the UMI station. It was a much-needed break for some, but for others it was the worst thing that could happen. With no one to lead them, Darwin Award nominees began dying needlessly in capital ships. These pilots joined fleets titled "UMI cyno for moving" and jumped to the cyno, where they quickly learned that the fleet they had joined was actually hostile. Others would undock, accept fleet invites and get warped off the station to their death. A more detailed report of their stupidity will be released soon.

Once NC. ran out of stupid carriers to kill, they moved onto stupid subcaps by camping the UMI station with two fleets of Tornados where they picked off stragglers and disrupted the karma of ship spinners. What NC. did not know, however, is that I was set up to bomb their group of Tornados sitting at 0 speed in a clump together. Like Christmas presents they sat there as I began to probe them down only to realize that my hands no longer worked and I was not able to open the presents - my probes were bugged. After relogging 3 times, leaving and entering system and even deploying a different assortment of probes I was still unable to get them to work. My window ran out as the CFC undocked "dasboot" (sentry carriers, more commonly known as 'slowcats', invented by Pandemic Legion) to deal with the NC. tornados. NC. soon left system after getting bored, scared, or scabored, whatever you want to call it.

After the lull ended, the CFC was once again greeted with multiple timers throughout the day. Most timers were met with little to no resistance as our fleets blotted out the sun. Monday, Sept 3rd, however, was slightly different. Hostiles formed welpests (tempests with heavy neuts designed to kill capitals) and the CFC fleet became rightly cautious while reinforcing systems in Tribute. As some supercapitals and dreadnoughts returned to UMI because it was getting late, these NCdot welpests pounced. Their target was a dreadnought who forgot to warp after jumping back into UMI. The Moros melted; well-executed guerilla warfare tactics from the dotBros.

While things were being reinforced, Vily took his tornado fleet and camped the H-W9TY station. After a long period of nothing happening, NCdot themselves undocked... dasboot carriers! The irony in that was not lost on most, including myself. With all objectives completed and the tornados unable to really do anything, the CFC headed back to UMI. A day full of intermittent fighting finally ended with quite a bit of shit talking from both sides.

In late US TZ, NCdot onlined a number of SBU's across the CFC-held systems in Tribute and sieged two iHubs into shield timers. At the time of publication, there are twenty-three NCdot/The Methodical Alliance structures in reinforced mode: eight stations, thirteen iHubs, and two towers; there are two CFC iHubs in reinforced.

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