Twin Bloodtears Purge BCA Geminate Sov

The Bloodtears are a two-man army of alts, known to many in nullsec as 'Those Guys Who Twelve-Box Supercarriers', though their real number of alts (seemingly 50+ accounts) is unknown. In real life, they are a set of identical twin brothers; in EVE, they are a unit of strategic force for Gentleman's Agreement (GENTS) which is a match for the supercapital fleets of many aspiring alliances. Periodically, the Bloodtears get into trouble; they are better known to the denizens of hisec as the 'Zerg Overmind', the brainchild behind the Dec Shield Alliance which trapped tens of thousands of players in unwanted wardecs.

Their most recent stunning caper is a two-man ninja siege of Geminate, striking at Black Core Alliance (BCA). BCA held seven systems in Geminate until the morning of 12/28; the Bloodtears deployed without any support from GENTS with just their alts, ninja-deployed SBUs across all BCA Geminate space, maintained those SBUs, then reinforced and took out every single TCU that Black Core had in Geminate, wiping them off the regional map.

This caused a small diplomatic issue within the CFC, as Geminate is technically a no-go zone for CFC strategic actions as it is considered SOLAR territory. While in theory a violation of policy, in practice everyone in CFC leadership thought it was hilarious.

Chiaco Bloodtear had this to say about their feat: 

So, in the "I can't believe that worked" category. We just completely destroyed all "Black Core Alliance" systems in Geminate. In a 5-6hr ninja op we managed to personally SBU all 7 of their systems (none had ihubs), murder all their TCUs, recollect our SBUs, and then jump out of region. They even sent people to stop us but we outplayed them and managed to work extremely fast. Brick Squad are likely to fill in the gaps of the people we killed.

We expect to see the empty sov filled in rapidly, as there are no plans from the CFC to actually hold any space in Geminate, but the record of the Bloodtear's two-man sov assault can be seen on this Dotlan map.

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