TROLL Schisms, Flips X-7 Station

Two days ago, the alliance Unclaimed (TROLL) experienced major upheaval as multiple corps left the alliance, claiming that alliance leader 5n4keyes had been stealing ISK. They additionally claimed that the alliance was bloated with both carebears and DUST characters, which compose up to a third of TROLL.

I interviewed 5n4keyes, Badboris (CEO of one of leaving corps), and MichaelJD (former military director of TROLL and a member of one of the leaving corps). Both Badboris and Michael JD repeated that 5n4keyes had been using alliance income - which they claimed added up to over 150bil - to fund his own titans instead of investing it into a more comprehensive SRP. When I interviewed 5n4keyes about this, he claimed that TROLL had one of the best SRP systems in the game, with members able to choose from two options: receiving a flat ISK payout, or buying a new ship at a subsidized rate. SRP was not the only worry of the defecting corps, however.

After the corps left, TROLL proceeded to hold an alliance meeting where 5n4keyes announced that the alliance was going to abort a Nyx in build from one of the defecting corps, then flip the X-7 station, which was owned by Badboris's corp. 

X-7 is the staging system for The Dinner Squadron, and with the station in the control of an unaffiliated corp, no one could undock without having their assets trapped in the station, perhaps permanently. The X-7 station drew attention from South Null as various entities scrambled to shoot people undocking, knowing that the majority could not redock. Fleets from TRIBE, S2N, and Darkness of Despair all arrived on field to shoot at one another, and, in the case of Darkness of Despair, to try to flip the station.

In the end, the corps that left TROLL say that they plan to form a new alliance and to fight for Feythabolis in an attempt to usurp Troll. 

A recording of the aforementioned meeting can be found here.

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