Tribe Avoids Fail Cascade...For Now

Earlier this morning, after a day of rumours about massive discontent and threats of a coup d’etat within Tribal Band alliance, an extraordinary meeting was held between alliance directors and leaders. The evemails sent between two prominent leaders indicate a huge chasm within the alliance, prior to the meeting.



From: Master Hyde
Sent: 2012.12.15 01:03

Since the beginning, INCOV has being doing everything within its power to help this alliance. We have 3 out of the 4 strat fcs, we run alliance logistics, the alliance moon goo project (most of it), ship replacement program, and the list goes on. During this time we have given input, but never wanted exec. We were VERY ANIMATED that we wanted Trig as our exec.

However, the leadership has failed to estabilsh credibility. CDIAT roams with reds (to everyones dissatisfaction), alliance mail gets spammed and not punished. FWIFFO was brought in directly by triget and was a front runner to replace grim as military director (trig told me himself in jabber). 8 corps bring 66% to fleets, while 40 others bring 33%. We are a free renting alliance, basically. HOWEVER, we were in it for the long run.

But our hand was forced. SCTY left, others are on the brink. 2 Tone (squee's exec) convo'd me asking if tribe was in a fail cascade because he was getting a shit ton of requests to join (like scty, DG, ect).

So this is why we are taking this action. It isnt a hostile take over, but it is our only option. If we are removed, or forced to start our own alliance in Querious, we will. Relize after this, alliance logistics, JB's, FCs, and Ship replacement program is gone till trig can find others to replace these projects. And do you think he will find people that takes the necessary 100s of hours to make this work? Idk. 

I have worked my ass off making this alliance work to the best of my ability. And this is something we havent entered into lightly. 


From the outside, TRIBE appear to be in an extremely bad way. Corps are leaving, participation in fleets has plummeted, the inevitable slope has begun on Dotlan, and corps are fleeting up reds and going on roams with them (serious questions should be raised about this). This evemail appears to be the final straw.

However, after a two hour extraordinary meeting, the alliance is seemingly at peace, with Triget being given sole dictatorship (no idea why the alliance haven’t got this in the first place) and Grim being given exclusive powers to kick corps that don’t shift their weight in stratops and fleets.  Yet, with issues still looming large, there begs a question as to how long this makeshift peace will last. It does appear that TRIBE will be given the support they need to get through this by the HBC, with 20 billion ISK being sent to TRIBE to help with its rebuilding plans.

Montolio, leader of TEST Alliance, had the following to say about the donation in a post on the HBC Coalition forums:

We will be sending 20b ISK to TRIBE, 1/2 of its current liquid ISK to assist with alliance operations and provide them with some relaxation money to build the alliance.

The deluge has subsided, though as we assess the aftermath, significant questions need to be addressed and answered. Why corps are fleeting up well known enemies to the coalition and roaming with them; why sole dictatorship was not taken before, given some of the nullsec experience of the corps within TRIBE; and finally, what will stop this happening again. Currently, the situation looks far from stable, and with the conclusion of the meeting being being viewed more as a patching over gaping wounds, this story is far from over. 

In real life, is a Publishing Strategy Manager for a technical publishing house. In Eve, co-ceos a corp that attempts to specialise in covert ops.