Titan Down: Vengeance for Past Theft?

In a game of revenge, sometimes the innocent are caught in the crossfire. This is especially true for a revenge plot two years in the making.

About a year ago, a pilot named Alexia Sapphira contacted Selucid, CEO of Sons Of Alexander and leader of AL3XAND3R alliance. He had approached Selucid with the desire to join a corporation that shared the same time zone of activity (Australian) he was in. While the alliance had a more laid back approach to the game, they were fierce nonetheless. Adding another active player to the roster seemed only beneficial.

There was, however, one critical piece of baggage Selucid would have to consider. Alexia Sapphira had explained upfront that eight months earlier he was in a corporation called Cosmic Cimmerians which, at the time, was a member of Usurper. Not the current Usurper alliance you see now, but a previous version. Alexia went on to explain that he had stolen 200 billion in assets from Cosmic Cimmerians, and they were most likely after him to this day. Selucid accepted Alexia into the corporation with no roles. Given the laid back and fun attitude the alliance had, a thief with no roles shouldn't pose any kind of real threat.

Interestingly enough, if you look at the event history of Usurper on dotlan maps you will see that Alexia left/was kicked on 2011.08.28, and about two months later - on 2011.10.20 - Cosmic Cimmerians left the alliance. With the 200 billion in assets gone, it appears they looked for a fresh start in The G0dfathers alliance. Of course, going through a rebuilding phase does not mean you forget the past. Around mid-July of last year they managed to reopen Usurper. They wanted revenge. No matter how long it would take.


Flash forward to 2013.02.07. The victims of the 200 billion ISK theft had finally managed to pull off a critical step in their plan. In a fatal mistake, one of the directors of Sons of Alexander corporation blindly accepted a pilot by the name of QuikEze whose application simply stated he was a friend of one of their corporation members. Guess who they claimed was their friend? None other than Alexia Sapphira himself.

For about two months QuikEze was a standup recruit. He was on comms, in fleets, doing his part all in the name of the AL3XAND3R alliance. Two weeks ago the alliance saw a new face show up in town. The Usurper alliance had decided to invade. Battles raged back and forth with both sides giving as good as they got. Towers on both sides were being reinforced. Good old-fashioned small gang PvP.

Just before this past weekend, Usurper decided to leave the pocket in Syndicate they based out of, with both sides having about the same success in combat against each other. Selucid noticed a neutral alt opening cynos for three Usurper carriers to jump in and dock at the EF-F36 station in Syndicate.

Selucid > “I noticed the Usurper Neut Alt Drake Osmosis cyno'ing in 3 carriers, so thought i would fuck with them and started bubbling the station with dictor bubbles. Anyways 2 of 3 carriers were able to jump out, however Astronavis was left behind, knowing he is a bit more derpy than the rest of them i continued to fuck with them.”

I have been exploding internet spaceships since 2005. While I do love me a good large scale fight, I thoroughly enjoy small scale PvP as well.