The Throwdown in A-ELE2

While many in Eve continue to look through the Crius industry changes to find paths towards isk, the south continues to heat up. At around 0100 Eve time on July 28th, an enormous brawl with over 1200 total pilots took place in the system of A-ELE2 in Delve, which resulted in nearly 50 billion ISK worth of sub-capital losses. This brawl between the entire CFC and a combined N3, HERO, and PL force may very well mark the beginning of a chain of events that could lead to the next big conflict.

A Goonswarm Federation R64 tower, for reasons currently unknown, was reinforced in A-ELE2 by Black Legion, and every non-CFC entity was given the timer and invited to join the inevitable party. The CFC responded in turn with massive amounts of pinging in the hours that the tower sat in reinforcement. With maximum numbers called to save the tower, N3/BL/PL always down to dunk the CFC, HERO invited by BL, and the general chest-beating on both sides, the stage was set for the massive fight to unfold.

The CFC formed several fleets, fielding ‘Baltec’ Megathrons, TFIs, and Apocs, in additon to Harpies, Armor HACs, and Ishtars. While the CFC also formed a Dreadnought and ‘Boot’ Carrier fleet, these were initially kept in reserve. On the other side of the field, BL formed a Maelstrom fleet, NCdot/PL brought Tengus, HERO brought their trademark Moas, The Kadeshi and Darkness brought a few token Legions, and numerous bomber squads were deployed by Pasta and PL. TEST was reported to be bringing a group of shield Ishtars, but ultimately didn’t show. Because of TEST’s failure to show, BL dropped down to their Navy Augoror doctrine. In addition to the subcaps, NCdot logged in roughly 40 of their supers, while BL formed a fleet of blap dreads.

The CFC took initial position around the tower while PL/N3/HERO piled into system. BL's ANIs, along with HERO's Moas, landed on the tower at a perch before warping down to start the fight, with N3/PL landing on grid shortly after.

The fight was incredibly bloody, with the CFC taking the heavier losses in the opening minutes of the brawl after failing to headshot enemy FCs. The CFC quickly called in its Carrier fleet to help hold the field and clear out subcaps. After a short time, it became clear that despite logging in dreads and supers, BL and NCdot weren't about to escalate the conflict. After successfully head-shotting enemy fleet commanders while NCdot/PL burned their Tengus out to extreme ranges, the fight quickly turned to favor the CFC. With the BL ANI and HERO Moa fleets without their main FCs, the CFC ripped them to pieces while the PL/N3 Tengus harassed the CFC.

As hostiles began warping off grid and leaving system, the CFC called in shield triage carriers to rep the tower while they held the grid, saving their tower, and creating quite the butcher’s bill in the process. The CFC narrowly won the isk war, destroying 26.5b while losing roughly 21, and saved the tower. If Brave comments and morale are anything to go by however, HERO certainly won the fun war. In an interview regarding the fight and the head-shotting that occured, the Brave FC responded saying "We killed faction bships with T1 cruisers. Nomad, :D" 

A special thanks to the Brave FC Blue Ice and CFC FC Reagalan for the interviews that helped construct this article. N3 and BL were unable to be reached for comment. 

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