Theft: Tribal Band Plundered for 44b

TRIBE has, for the first time ever, been victimized in a fairly significant hanger theft totaling 44b in assets. Assets include moon minerals, composites, fuel blocks, and blueprints. The theft occurred earlier today with reports of it surfacing on Kugutsumen jabber and forums.

Source: Kugustumen

A pilot by the name of fo rumalt, stole a considerable amount of Nanotransistors, moon-related items and blueprints. A trusted jump freighter pilot for TRIBE, and responsible for moving assets for the alliance had roles to the hanger in which the items were taken. The name has shocking similarity to that of a for umalt, a former member to Nulli Secunda's entry/renter alliance Nulli Tertius, though there is currently no known association between the two.

Other claims were made by fo rumalt regarding the incident. In addition to the above assets, he claims to have stolen two Jump Freighters, and that TRIBE had purchased pilots for him. "Well, I have no idea about that," wrote triget, current TRIBE CEO, when asked about these claims. "The notion that we could have ever afforded to buy someone a char before this month is laughable."

TRIBE had been facing financial issues, only becoming solvent a month ago. They have just recently gained a buffer of ISK, with roughly 40-60b in reserves currently. "Our income statements, on a per member basis, are on par with TEST's" triget wrote, speaking in regards to Tribal Band's income and financial stability. Triget noted that only about two weeks of income was taken with the heist, and that it had not set back any plans or operations.

While the theft is not tremendously large for TRIBE, it is their first, and has been taken as a valuable, if harsh, lesson to the new 0.0 alliance. "These things happen, trust is a valuable commodity in Eve, and apparently misplaced in this instance."

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