TEST Suffers 130b Logistics Theft

Early Friday evening, USTZ, a disgruntled TEST Logistics Director pilfered the four major alliance logi hangars, taking a major pile of sovereignty-related assets.

The four hangars hit — at Karan (TEST's current lowsec staging system in Aridia), NOL-M9, K-6K16 and 6VDT-H — likely held the majority of TEST's forward-staged logistical structures. The final take included 21 TCUs, 84 SBUs, 7 IHubs, and 17 cyno jammers — a major haul and the equivalent of dozens of hours of structure shooting for large CFC fleets. Also snatched were large numbers of POS mods and fuel, miscellaneous gear and ammunition, and (perhaps the lowest blow) a hefty load of exotic dancers. The total take is valued at approximately 130B ISK, with most of that coming from Karan.

CFC's The Mittani characterized the events as one of crisis, saying, "The leadership of TEST…[are] officially abandoning ship and grabbing everything not nailed down."  In a Jabber broadcast, TEST's Zverofaust disputed the serverity of the loss, saying it "wasn't a big haul and certainly doesn't cripple us — it's more 'well, that sucks' and will be a pain in the ass for logi dudes." 

The identity and motivation of the thief are curently unconfirmed. Reports from TEST point to Logistics Subdirector Iamien as the perpetrator. The CFC have released a conversation, purported to be between Goonswarm Recon director Blawrf McTaggart and the thief:

Blawrf McTaggart > why'd you burn?
xxx > Nevver really fit in. just did stuff for the sense of doing it
xxx > straw that broke the camel's back was baki telling me to stop being poor
Blawrf McTaggart > hahahahaha
xxx > and they kicked chimeras out of slowcats
xxx > so i had nothing to do anymore.

The theft is another bodyblow to TEST finances. Although the details of TEST's finances are not public, they are indisputably under strain. With traditional external sources of income (such as moons and renters) becoming harder to maintain and defend, the Reddit alliance recently made a call for donations, supported by a leaderboard. So far, this has resulted in several hundred billion added to the alliance's war chest. Whether the pace of donations can keep up with the rate of loss, along with this theft, remains to be seen.

It has certainly been a tumultuous week for TEST, which saw a shakeup at the leadership level with the departure of Beffah from her role as Military Director and the loss of more than 20 systems in Fountain. Though rumours suggested that PL and NCdot could return to Fountain as early as Wednesday, there is as yet no indication that they've redeployed.

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