TEST Contends With HBC Growing Pains

While the HBC's military successes from Delve to Esoteria have been well-documented, those outside of the TEST and the HBC may be unfamiliar with the internal struggles and drama of TEST itself. TEST is no stranger to drama. Whether caused by caused by differences in opinion, changing policies, stress, or any number of other things, it's a constant fact of life in the alliance. From hazing out corporations as early as 4 months after our inception to hazing OWN Alliance out of existence, our drama has been a brand that has been continually powerful and creative in the EVE universe. It’s easy to see why, then, when we have no opposition or external entity to focus our drama on, we end up doing it internally on ourselves.

A few days ago, things reached a breaking point, prompting a response from Fras Siabi, one of the military leaders in TEST. Fras authored a post titled “7BExcellent to Each Other: No Really.” wherein he detailed some of the struggles TEST had overcome in the past and the issues presented now. With no current major opposition in EVE and no obvious enemy in the future, TEST members had been slowly focusing their efforts inward and started to disrupt the standard day-to-day operations of the alliance. Highlighted problems included such events as people publicly attacking IT staff for their decisions (leading to a near rage-quitting of a member), publicly attacking our now rather-large bloc of German-based corporations, and numerous other little attacks and trolls inevitably reaching a breaking point.

Much of the drama has now subsided, and many people are now discussing how to better TEST to prevent such outbreaks in the future. There are rumours circulating that major changes are being made to address some of the issues -- one definite example, an announcement that IT-related questions be filtered through diplomats. However, the full impact of these events on TEST have yet to be seen.

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