Test Alliance: Best of the Worst Thieves

Now, I realize Testies do some rather... retarded things, but this takes the cake (for this week anyway).  After a year in the alliance, Dreddit member Dave06 was finally given access to the treasure trove of the TEST logistics department: six billion isk worth of random stuff, mostly POS modules.  I think he must have been expecting officer modules and tech 2 rigs.  When he realized how much effort it would take to move this myriad heap of towers and modules - the kind of underappreciated work that the logistics department does every day - Dave06 apparently melted down.

Assuming the rest of the logistics department was more weak in the mind than he was, he put all the stuff up for courier contract assigned to the TEST alliance jump freighter service.  Not only did he put the stuff he stole from the logistics hangar in the contracts, he put a bunch of his personal stuff: a Paladin, Hookbill, Cerberus, Comet, etc.  The Test Logistics department changed their pants after their initial shock, then decided that they would auction off all of his stuff (easily identified by being expensive and easy to haul) to pad out the alliance reimbursement wallet.


The logistics department was gracious in their gloating.  I honestly would have been tempted to take it a step further and try to bilk him out of more isk by claiming he didn't put enough on contract for the courier contract before cracking the plastic seal.

From: DJ Rubbie
Sent: 2012.08.31 07:20
To: Dreddit, Dave06,

Can I have your stuff?


Good job Dave06.  You made TEST look competent!

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