With Tensions Falling, a Battlebadger Fleet Roams

It would be an understatement to say that the HBC has been in a bit of drama lately. Though this has been a main point of focus for the HBC, that didn't stop Fras Siabi, temporary leader of TEST, from blowing off steam and having a little fun with industrials.

We left GE- for the north, our destination set to try and blow up before getting too far. Fras Siabi, military director and temporary leader of TEST, brought along faction and combat fit industrials (and my Oracle) to battle whatever we could slam into.

After burning from Catch to Fountain, a TEST member by the name of Dery Dan made the mistake of taking a few extra gates and ran into a Gang Bang Team fleet of various battlecruisers. We somehow managed to goad a few into a fight, including a triple-rep myrmidon which somehow died anyway. After a couple of industrials managed to tackle a short-range Tornado, we again made short work of the ship. The first fight ended, with our badgers as a clear victor.

Quickly getting bored three jumps later, we make our way into NPC Fountain, with various attempts to catch people on gates, and manage to find more Gang Bang Team in an NPC station. After numerous attempts to get them to engage our gang on the station, we finally gave up and started a thunderdome on the sun, which ended up on the station due to an enemy tempest aggressing, and continued our thunderdome there until we lost most of our fleet (EVE-Kill won't let me submit exhumers or mining barges).

Though tensions have been high, at the very least it's nice to know that nothing will stop TEST from taking out a random fleet and enjoying it.

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