Team Curse gets partnership with Nissan

Can't wait for the Nissan commercials starring some shifty eyed sperg revered for spamming right click as fast as possible.
When I think Curse, I just think of shitty malware ads and crappy everything. They're one of the main reasons I use an ad-blocker now, and while I understand that news is news, fuck Curse and this partnership is just a good sign of how fucking bananas and asinine they are.

Curse, the gaming power house that grew out of a WoW add-on manager, completed a major corporate coup today in securing a sponsorship with a name brand corporation. Curse will now be sponsored by Nissan in a deal that will hopefully have major ramifications for eSports in general.

It's not clear if this is a League of Legends-specific sponsorship, or if they will be sponsoring other Curse endeavors like the Curse DotA2 invitationals. The news was announced by Liquid (the LoL team manager) on Reddit and Twitter, but hasn't yet made it to the front page of

Whether it's League specific or a broader sponsorship, this marks a major milestone for eSports in general. Prior to this, most major sponsors were tech companies looking to peddle their wares to a niche audience. This represents one of the first major forays by a company simply banking on the power of the attractive earnings demographic.

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