Talocan Divided

Talocan United Disbands

On Wednesday the 22nd, Nathan Jameson made this post on the Eve Online Wormhole sub-forum thread announcing the impending dissolution of Talocan United.

Talocan United was the largest W-space alliance in New Eden; one which Nathan Jameson essentially built from scratch out of a C4. They had hundreds of active pilots spread out across several wormholes. Early on Jameson adopted a healthy recruitment policy that was the ultimate reason for Talocan's growth and success, and over the last two years Jameson and his directorate were able to add more corporations, expanding into multiple wormholes spread across every timezone in the process. With the addition of a slick, informative, and helpful website, Talocan United became a name to rival some of the older and more aggressive W-space entities. Nathan's website still offers guides and videos on how to do just about anything someone would want to do in W-space, thus remaining a good source of information for the casually curious and even experienced wormhole pilots.

As seen through Dotlan, Talocan United has shed the majority of its corporations and pilots since the. Jameson has stated that he is holding onto the corp keys for now and has no plans to reincarnate Talocan United.

I was unable to track down exactly where everyone went or what they planned on doing. However, I was able to ascertain that Nathan Jameson joined a new C5 based alliance called Mass Overload, and started up a one-man POS fuel cooperative for wormhole residents. He stated to me in an eve-mail that he has shed the mantle of leadership for now and is content to simply fly as a line member. As you can see, Skyfighters [LSKYL], Grumpy Bastards [GRUBA], and EG Corp [EGCOR] are already operating out of the same system. Chris elliot is the new corporate lead, and was able to help me clarify some of the details regarding Mass Overload's side of the story.

I asked Jameson if he knew where the bulk of Talocan United went off to, and if he knew anyone that I could speak with in order to find out more details. He referred me to Lenier Chenal, who informed me that Saiph Industries [SAIPH], Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition [NE5I], Dark Matter-Industries [DKMR], Crown of Swords [CRWND], and 4U Services [4USI] moved into a new alliance called Upholders. Upholders is more of a generalist alliance, and they cover more than just wormhole activities. Lenier did say, though, that all wormhole corporations would remain active in W-space, rather than moving out. There also seems to be a bit of history within Upholders, as both Lenier and Jameson said that there is a common heritage in the old SRS Alliance. Boasting around 220 members, the Upholders seem primed and ready to go. By the looks of their killboard - it's nice and green - they have resumed the business of blowing up ships hand over fist.

On a personal note, I’d just like to say that I’m more than a little sad to see Talocan United go. However, I really can't think of a better way that Jameson could have handled this, and I think in the long run that W-space will be getting more people to shoot at if Mass Overload and Upholders stick around.

Thanks for the fights, and good luck to you in your future endeavors!

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