Syndicate Competitive League Kicks Off Today

Does PL have a team?
Insurance Fraud Inc. are the closest to a PL team, if you look at the corps/alliances of the members, but I'd hardly call it the PL team. They'd sponsor it in some way, if it was.
Sadly, I didn't get in the TEST team. Good luck, hopefully you get to fight Dreads Rule.Fun fact: the Dreads Rule captain is from TEST.

Today marks the Syndicate Competitive League’s official launch for the 2013 season. Featuring eight teams, the SCL will take place on the Singularity server and features the assistance of CCP in its execution, with the same software used for official EVE Online tournaments (such as the annual Alliance Tournament and New Eden Open) being deployed in support of the player-run effort.

The rules of the matches are largely the same as seen in the New Eden Open—teams will have a set amount of points from which to build a composition of up to eight ships, with two ship bans allocated to each team. However, unlike CCP-run tournaments, the matches will consist of up to three fights, with the winner of two out of three being declared the match winner. The winner of a match will be awarded points that will be accumulated over the course of the season.

The SCL’s organizers, primarily Apathetic Brent and Dradius, are no strangers to tournaments. Brent founded and ran the Syndicate Alliance Tournament last year, and both players have experience in official EVE tournaments, such as the annual Alliance Tournament and the New Eden Open. They have chosen to eschew the single tournament concept in favor of a season-long event in order to raise more awareness for the event, as well as to provide ongoing entertainment for the EVE Online masses.

In addition to CCP technical support, the SCL will also feature some pro commentating from Brent, Bacchanalian, Seldarine and Lazarus Telraven. Of the teams competing, notables include: Warlords of the Deep, a team primarily consisting of Hydra Reloaded pilots; Test Alliance Please Ignore, TEST’s alliance tournament members; and The Reputation Cartel, sporting members of the Failheap Challenge forums.

The tournament can be viewed on the SCL’s stream on or directly via their webpage. The first match begins Saturday, February 23rd at 1600 UTC.

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