-A- Supercaps Being Destroyed in K-6

Against ALL Authorities seem to be in a bit of a pickle as reports are coming in of K-6K16 as several of their supercarriers have been tackled on station by HBC forces.

Kill reports
 are already coming in showing fairly substantial Pandemic Legion titans and supercarrier forces on field and on-field screenshots don't look good for the remaining dozen-or-so AAA supers.

ROL pilot Znake84 has been providing a livestream of the fight, so if you're quick you might just catch a glimpse of some fantastic fights. A TEST stream is here.

19:49 EVE Update: Reports indicate that -A- subcaps have fled the field and have abandoned their supercaps; as of
19:49 EVE, 5 Nyx, 1 Hel have been destroyed with 7 supercaps remaining tackled. Image from the fight is here.

A beautiful shot of a Doomsday erupting from the fight.


19:59 Update: Initial battle report from Eve-Kill, kms still uploading.




20:26 Update: Montolio, leader of Test, took the time to give this summary during the fight of the series of incidents that lead to the battle taking such a dramatic turn. As is so often the case in Eve warfare, coincidences, misfortunes and aggression seem to have sealed the fate of so many expensive assets. 

"We were doing a convoy and jumped to beacon in k-6k. Hostiles dropped scaps, killed two carriers, swagger warped to the station and started shooting services.  We had just moved part of our dictor cache, so we undocked and bubbled and  started onlining system jammer."


20:36 Update:  The butcher's bill thus far: 10 dead supercarriers with more killmails rolling in.
Reports indicate that the -A- supers are under deployed T2 Mobile Warp Disruption Bubbles, meaning that they cannot escape.

20:58 Update: The fight is over. According to TEST there were 16 supercarriers killed, one of which self-destructed, and of which we have 13 killmails in the above link to confirm.

Final Update: A PL spy has a leak of -A- comms during this fight, which can be found here.

The final battlereport can be found here.


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