Super-Capital and Dreadnought Battle in Venal

“Well, because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” - Alfred Pennyworth, The Dark Knight

Perhaps somewhere in this quote one can find the motivation of some alliances. Perhaps by understanding this idea it would explain the mentality of some coalitions, alliances, and corporations. Perhaps it will explain why we all play EVE Online.



The setting: May 23rd, northern Venal. Confederation of xXPIZZAXx had convinced Black Legion to engage some Cluster Fuck Coalition towers, hoping to provoke a response. Black Legion formed the Crystal Army, a large dreadnought fleet funded by Crystal implants farmed in Venal and sold in high security space.

Vily (GSF): Black Legion was spotted forming dreads to reinforce POS's and we knew they were going after Razor's. So we did the standard numbers checks and preparations. Word came in that they were hitting a POS in MC6-5J system. So I called for people to be at their log in screens as we got the rest of the fleet formed. I then started moving midpoints and doing other preparation work.

It was at this point where Vily ran into an issue with his Mumble VOIP service and had to divert some attention to resolve the situation while still trying to prepare the fleet. During the minutes Vily was off comms, Kilgarth decided to take the fleet over and jump on the opportunity of killing a bunch of dreadnoughts, not realizing that there was a critical midpoint missing for a majority of the fleet.

This of course meant no support being anywhere near the titans they were planning on dropping. Kilgarth's lustful appetite would very quickly be exploited by Black Legion and Confederation of xXPIZZAXx in the minutes that followed. Without the support fleet to back up their newly dropped super capitals, the CFC super capitals were in big trouble.

LaserzPewPew (BL): Our intention was to gang warp out, but one of our dreadnoughts was caught. So in turn we put bubbles on their fleet and warp the dreadnoughts back on top of them. We started working on the super carriers first, then a dread and once a couple titans jumped in, started focusing on one.

Lucian James (BL): We had good intel and Elo Knight told us to focus on a specific Erebus he believed to be capacitor fit. We overloaded and it melted.



Moments before the Erebus died, Vily managed to restore communication on Mumble and provide the critical midpoint for the rest of the CFC fleet. Things were out of control for Goonswarm in MC6-5J, so much so in all the confusion a Fatal Ascension titan pilot doomsdayed one of its own comrades in a dreadnought. There was also trouble keeping cyno ships alive long enough for reinforcements to enter the battlefield. Black Legion killed them moments after they lit, forcing Goonswarm to trickle their fleet into system and allowing Black Legion to engage smaller portions of the enemy fleet, piecemeal.

Vily: I told the titans to jump to the midpoint and switch to capacitor fit to allow them to jump as soon as possible. That implies you switch back to combat fit for the fight, but I was not clear enough with that for the new titan pilot. He jumps into the fight with the rest of us, but is cap fit, bounces and is out of range to refit to a combat fit. Black Legion and company primary him and he is killed. Once we had our titans on the field, the enemy dreads are cleaned up rather quickly.

Meanwhile, Lucian was commanding the support fleet helping take down the capitals and then proceeded to engage the CFC support fleet which had been on top of the BL cyno off of the POS. Lucian then noticed they started to microwarp drive down towards the capital fight.

Lucian James: I warped us to distance from them and started picking them off one by one, which our Muninns had enough alpha to insta-pop. I had trouble keeping up with broadcasting them because they were popping so fast.

They then followed the Razor support fleet to the sun where they found them setting up a drag bubble, with their fleet unfortunately still inside it. Black Legion and Pizza proceeded to systematically annihilate them while the remaining part of the Black Legion and Pizza dreadnoughts were killed.



With so much destruction the question remains, “Who won?” The tower was saved at 35% when Goonswarm lit the first cyno. Super capitals were destroyed along with a ton of dreadnoughts. In the end, over 250 billion ISK was destroyed in the battle.

Vily: Black Legion clearly won the fight, but paid a high price for it. 1 titan, 2 super carriers and 7 to 10 dreadnoughts is not worth 40 dreadnoughts. We had sub-capitals ready to go until 10 minutes after the fight was over. Part of the preparation I never had a chance to do is to plan the reinforcement route, which is how your sub-capitals will move to the fight.

Ron Mexxico (BL): I would lose 10 insured dreads for a fight like that again.

Vily: The fight would have gone very differently had the call been left to me. They went in early and without a clear picture and paid the price, leaving me to clean up the mess. Black Legion played it well and didn't make many mistakes. Credit where it is due.


Update: Editor's Note -It appears that the final quote/summary of Vily's comments on this piece was altered by accident. Previously, a line was mistakenly included implying that Vily referred to the fight as a "Pyrrhic Victory" for Black Legion.

(12:18:02 AM) had the call been left to me it would have been a very different fight

(12:18:29 AM) they went in early and without a clear picture

(12:18:33 AM) and they paid the price

(12:18:41 AM) and left me to try and clean up the mess

(12:19:04 AM) BL played it well and didn't make many mistakes

(12:19:29 AM) credit where its due

We apologize to Vily; this was not a malicious error on Marlona Sky's part, as there had been discussion in TMC jabber with 'Pyrrhic Victory' bandied around by some contributors, and Marlona mistook one such contributor comment in jabber for being part of the Vily quote above. It was also four in the morning and a mountain lion had literally just eaten Marlona's neighbor's dog - I Am Not Making This Up. 


The record is corrected, and we apologize to everyone involved.

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