StarCraft II: MLG Winter Season Begins

Are the quals HOTS, or just the main tournament?
whole things is HOTS. Widoe mines <3 oracles <3 so good

For those of you not up to date with Major League Gaming (MLG), the StarCraft II Winter Season began yesterday with a best of five between Parting and Fantasy.

The build up to the finals in Dallas on March 15th-17th will be a month-long endeavor with matchups every night for the rest of the month starting at 5 p.m. EST on MLG's Twitch channel. Each night will feature a best of five. At the end, 56 players will have played but only 28 players will go to Dallas. There they will face off against each other and players Life, Leenock, Flash, and Bomber, who do not need to compete in these elimination days. This will be the first major tournament featuring Heart of the Swarm

This week's matchups include:

  • Feb, 4th: Parting vs Fantasy
  • Feb, 5th: Roro vs Hero
  • Feb, 6th: Innovation vs Ty
  • Feb, 7th: Soulkey vs Last
  • Feb, 8th: Rain vs Flying

I'll be back at the end of the week to give highlights of each week's matchups, so stay tuned!

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