Star Conflict's Road Ahead

You've convinced me. Downloading now and getting the mercenary pack.
this game is really fun. Interceptors are the awesomesauce.
I started playing yesterday morning and really like it. There are a few things that tend to annoy me, but buying some ~spacebux~ and having some fun with those opened up quite a few possibilities.
Aye i started playing yesterday after getting bugged by a m8 to try it, i really am enjoying it, its spaceships and its quick easy battles, a spaceship WOT.Its a perfect got 20 minutes free to play sort of game, log in get a fight and log out, if only eve could do something like it, a quick no effort fair (like anything in eve has ever been fair) battle system.
WoW is Kindergarten, EVE is a PhD dissertation. EVE should never be and will never be easy nor fair.

Star Conflict is a great way to satisfy the ‘pick it up and shoot’ desire that we all get from time to time. While some have publicly voiced skepticism regarding the game’s longevity, one only has to look at the long term success and growth of’s World of Tanks to see that this style of play is a successful market to get into. However, unlike World of Tanks, there is nothing predetermined about the Star Conflict universe. New expansions on gameplay aren’t as simple as calling up a history book on Chinese tanks used in World War Two. For some time, Gaijin Entertainment has stayed mum on specifics regarding the future development of Star Conflict. Earlier this month, however, they broke radio silence to answer some popular questions from their forums.

While the original FAQ extends to over 30 answers, here are some of the more exciting and pertinent highlights.

The Galactic Map

"Galaxy-wide battles for sector control will be introduced in the future."

When starting out in Star Conflict, it is easy for a player accustomed to the consequential gameplay of EVE Online or even PlanetSide 2 to wonder where the ramifications of winning or losing a particular space battle play out. While not in the game yet, the developers have made it plain that they intend to introduce a galaxy map that will delineate the territories of the three factions and provide some greater context for the ship-to-ship combat.


“We expect that the dreadnoughts to be bases of the corporations. The process of building the dreadnought will take some time and some resources. We are currently planning to introduce dreadnoughts in battles in some way.”

Information is scarce on the concept of dreadnoughts in Star Conflict (at least to those of us who do not speak Russian), however the mention of larger ship classes serving as the base of a corporation could really lend more impact to the corporation structure in the game, which currently just amounts to a ticker and a chat channel. Deploying these behemoths in battles will likely be a risky venture, akin to dropping Titans in an EVE Online brawl. While this does seem more than little reminiscent of Star Citizen’s plans on ship classes and structure, that isn’t necessarily a bad place to be cribbing notes from.

No More Wipes

Perhaps the most important statement in the entire FAQ was that there will be no more wipes, despite the game still being in a relatively early form of beta. This places Star Conflict in the same situation as MechWarrior Online, where while it still carries the beta tag and will likely continue to be improved upon significantly in many areas, the game is essentially launched. This should make things like the Steam DLC pack and purchasing credits with real money more appealing to those that would (naturally) hesitate at investing in a beta.

More To Come

The FAQ also touches on many other areas of Star Conflict’s future. The developers state that some form of crafting will be going into the game, as well as tournaments, more game modes like 'capture the flag', more training missions and PvE scenarios, etc. However, a couple of items were taken off the table rather flatly: Star Conflict does not now and never will support any form of modding or player-to-player trading of modules. While the former is understandable, the latter could prove problematic for those who wish to help boost up friends with old/unused modules, potentially hampering the game’s overall health.

Much of the FAQ tends to focus on long-term goals with no timetables of any sort mentioned. However, Star Conflict continues to be continually updated by the folks at Star Gem and Gaijin with new patches rolling out every few days. Already maps have been tweaked and updated, player limits in PvP matches raised, and tweaks deployed to looting, contracts and reputation gain. Even without the promise of future ‘metagame’ enhancements, Star Conflict remains a great game at the very reasonable price point of free.

Source: Star Conflict Developer FAQ

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