Star Citizen Funding Goals Surpassed

2012 has become the year of crowdfunding, with big names in the gaming industry running highly successful campaigns through Kickstarter. Chris Roberts (the creator of Wing Commander and other well-recieved space sims) is set to join the ranks of Tim Schaefer, Brian Fargo, and Chris Avellone in developing games without publisher dependency.

Robert’s new company, Cloud Imperium Games, recently concluded the funding campaign run through its website. However, its ongoing Kickstarter project has catapulted Star Citizen well over the two million dollar target with more than two weeks to go.

So far 36,000 space sim enthusiasts have pledged money to the project across Kickstarter and the Star Citizen website in the last month. The success of the Kickstarter campaign has lead to the addition of Kickstarter-specifc stretch goals, with one already met and two more likely to be met according to Kicktraq.

Roberts started a new AMA earlier today on Reddit to answer community questions left unasked due to the Amazon hosting-related Reddit crash. One highlight of the question and answer session was Roberts’ explanation of the instancing system to be used in Star Citizen.

Player vs Player content will become more likely in riskier or less-secure sectors of space, and players can be tagged to appear in the tagger's instance more often. The examples given were flying with friends or hunting down a player merchant with their holds full.

Roberts also noted that the average backer pledge for Star Citizen was higher than any crowdfunded video game to date, at an average of $70 per backer at the time of writing.

Star Citizen was announced on the 10th of October, and its Kickstarter campaign will end on November 19th. It is set for a late 2014 beta and release.

I'm a games writer from New Zealand.