Sov Drops in B-R5 Immensea Staging System

10 titans already made it to 5:5. at least 5-6 more died as well, with no KB traces yet.
obviously considering they have dropped supers.
Why would anyone care about a single ratting super killed. That ship happens a couple times a week.
Avatar read on lots of cap deaths today.
Regretting your statement yet? You are being thought a lesson in capital warfare. ;)
Well then. Asakai 2.0
I found Manny's car:

On Monday morning at approximately 7:30 EVE sov dropped in B-R5RB in Immensea, a Nulli Secunda system which Pandemic Legion has been staging from since Janurary 8th.

Replacement Nulli Secunda Territorial Claim Units were onlining in B-R5 in an attempt to recover the system until approximately 14:00 EVE, when a group of RUS and CFC forces attacked and destroyed them. While the system is unclaimed, the station itself was captured by RAZOR Alliance during the attack.  

At the time of writing both N3/PL and RUS/CFC are mobilizing forces to either defend the system or attempt to exploit this opportunity; we may see a supercapital battle result in early Euro timezone.

If the RUS/CFC want to make a serious play to control the system they will need to guard their onlining TCUs until approximately 23:00 EVE. 

When asked about the sov drop, Manfred Sidious of Pandemic Legion described it as the consequence of a bug, stating that he had enough isk in his holding corp wallet as well as having autopay checked. 

Progodlegend is live-tweeting about the situation here: 

Update: 15:50 EVE - RUS/CFC Forces have engaged capitals against the PL/N3 Wrecking Ball fleet, including dreads and supercarriers. Both sides have esclated massively with Titans, supercarriers and capitals all on the field. 

Update 16:00 EVE: Ristano, a PL Erebus, has been destroyed. 

Update 17:10 EVE: Jibstar, a S2N Avatar, has been destroyed. 

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