The Sordid Story of Cerebral Wolf

At one point in time, the Immobile Infantry corporation presented itself as the official Dust 514 arm of Goonswarm. Their future looked bright with the might of one of the largest EVE alliances brought to bear on their behalf. With the ever vocal Cerebral Wolf at the helm, success seemed assured. Unfortunately for Immobile Infantry, their leader’s distasteful actions would bring everything crashing down.

The Story

Cerebral Wolf (CW) came to Dust looking to plant the Goon flag and lead the Goonish hordes to riches and glory planet side. With this goal in mind, CW established Immobile Infantry, branding it as the “official” Goonswarm Dust corp. In reality, the only reason Immobile Infantry was allowed to go forward with that tagline was that none of the higher ups in GSF in EVE cared, given the limited scope of Dust at the time.

CW was a vocal member of the Dust community, often voicing his opinion on Dust development from game mechanics changes to the formation of a player representative council. Also a fan of the metagame, he successfully infiltrated Zion TCD with an alt and posted various internal messages on the forums for all to see. While most would approve of spying as good old fashioned meta-game, this is when CW began to take things too far.

Within the post with the Zion TCD info CW makes a shocking claim: Zionshad somehow obtained CW’s “Misses’s” phone number and proceeded to call her on several occasions. CW uses this and other reasons to discredit Zionshad. The post is generally cited as one of the reasons Zionshad dropped his CSM 8 campaign. However, as the dust began to settle CW’s claims of Zionshad’s misconduct began to be questioned. It culminated with a post by Martin Short Man, a member of Immobile Infantry at the time. Martin alleges the whole story was fabricated by CW. Further, CW was attempting to create evidence that would implicate Zionshad. While the whole Zion TCD infiltration event ended devolving only into a match of “he said, she said," this wouldn’t be the last time that CW took the meta-game too far.

Within Martin Short Man’s post regarding the Zion TCD incident, he also alleges that CW had been gathering real life information of prominent members within the Dust community, including members of the future CPM. This effort came to a head when CW allegedly began blackmailing members of the CPM, presumably to grant him a “shadow seat” on the CPM. I spoke to Hans Jagerblitzen on these events and he said the following:

Cerebral Wolf is a douchebag of the highest order.  Possessed by jealousy of The Mittani's status as Chief Goon in the EVE community and seeing an opportunity to play the same part in the newly emerging Dust514 community, CW set about trying to metagame the hell out of both the Dust514 community and the CPM itself. This started with him trying to tear down CaptainAwesome and others trying to push for the formation of a council (which they were successful at doing) while privately stating his ambition for running as a CSM candidate next year on a Dust ticket.  Despite saying it was "too early" for a CPM to exist, he immediately tried to obtain a seat once it was announced, and proceeded to try to tar and feather other well-qualified candidates for the position.  This culminated in multiple instances of CW using deeply personal information to attempt blackmail, an unforgiveable offense.

It’s at this point that CW’s sordid actions begin to catch up with him. While at the 2013 Fanfest, The Mittani spoke with some of the member of the CPM. He was presumably aware of some of the problems CW had been causing, but had yet to take action as a result of them. What tipped the scale was the CPM member informing Mittens of CW’s blackmail attempts. At this point, the Mittani began to take action. Upon returning from Iceland, the Mittani tweeted the following:

Cerebral Wolf has been hellpurged, for the #dust514 players so ignorant of #eveonline that thought he spoke for the Swarm.

CW was removed from Goonwaffe, his name tarnished. Further development began to shed even more light on past events; it was later revealed that the directors of Immobile Infantry were planning to abandon CW by taking all corp assets and members into a new corp. With the formation of Goonfeet, this has presumably already occurred.

Final Thoughts

Cerebral Wolf actions were surely distasteful. His actions were vastly out of proportion in light of the fact that this is all a game. Hans Jagerblitzen rightly said:

Remember everyone, this is still just a game, and as we recently saw at Fanfest 2013 - even the worst in-game enemies are often friends and family once we step away from our computers.

Let us remember that.

Hans Jagerblitzen's full response

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