SOLAR Downtime DD of R3P0-Z Hellcamp

SOLAR, as Marlona had explained earlier, has most of their alliance assets camped into the R3P0 station. A Hell Camp has been running nonstop since around 15:00, April 17, 2013. Coalition FCs have been switching off the FC responsibilities every few hours. The camp has been steadily growing in numbers as time goes by. SOLAR, meanwhile, did not sit idly by. Quite a few small ships were seen on the edge of the grid setting up perches. This activity, among other things, has given the impression that SOLAR won't simply roll over and accept the loss of their assets.

As time ran down towards downtime, a single SOLAR falcon (piloted by DamagerLarg) decloaked on the far side of the station from the Slowcats. Tackle began racing towards it, but they were too late with the kill, allowing seven SOLAR titans to jump into the system: Dany Woodward, Camcom, blitz666, LudiUbica, Tynsmith, Psycho Cookie, and Aleksandr Malthus. Each fired off a doomsday at one of the carriers sitting on the undock, resulting in the following killmails:

The action begins at 2:15 in this DJ Mad Ani video. I'm not sure what to make of the lack of killmail from Camcom. Speaking of Camcom, after downtime, coalition pilots quickly logged back in, hoping to catch titans whose timers had not ended, but found none. One enterprising individual hit up his locator agent and found all of the pilots were still in R3P0-Z with the exception of Camcom.

From: Iesa Suokinainen
Sent: 2013.04.18 17:13
I've found your scumsucker.
He is at Ammold V - Republic Military School station in the Ammold system, Sveipar constellation of Heimatar region.

There is much debate about what happened here. It is highly unlikely that the pilot was able to ninja jump out of R3P0-Z before someone noticed, but it isn't completely out of the realm of possibility. The rest of the pilots face anchored bubbles at their logoff point now, so it is unlikely that they will be playing EVE for a while, as the promise of a titan kill will keep that spot camped for some time to come.

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