SOE Update Planetside 2 Roadmap

The last series of updates for PlanetSide 2 have focused on providing a more optimized experience for those playing. This focus has primarily reduced lag and other issues that have lingered since the game's launch in 2012. The optimization has gone well for SOE and they feel confident enough to update the PlanetSide 2 Public Roadmap with new features and changes. Of the features added, these are just a sampling of what is due: 

  • Hossin, a new continent announced in 2013, is expected to be released sometime in May.
  • Outfit Recruiting will be receiving a more streamlined process for new players to find a group.
  • Continent Locking is to be changed to focus on a lattice system and the capturing of an entire continent is adjusted accordingly.
  • Outfit Base Capturing will reward top contributing outfits who capture an enemy base by recognizing the captured facility belongs to said outfit.

Added to those are rebalances for the Liberator, Infiltrator, Combat Medic, and Sunderer. Resources are also being rebalanced in June, focusing on making resource capturing a driving factor for fights. As usual, these changes have tentative dates which are likely to change. The full list of planned features and changes can be found on PlanetSide 2's Public Roadmap page.


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