SOE Fixes "Sunderer Crash" Exploit

A fix for the variously described "hex crash"/"C4 crash"/"Sunderer crash" exploit will be going up tonight.


Those may be just about the most welcome words ever tweeted by a Planetside 2 developer. That tweet from Matthew Higby, along with a followup promise to ban players who'd been abusing it, came in late last night.

A bit of background on the exploit itself. By placing a C4 (or other explosive charge) in a specific place on a Sunderer equipped with a certain mod and then detonating it, it was possible to cause players in the immediate vicinity to crash. While the effects were rather indiscriminate, it did a great job of throwing otherwise organized defenses into chaos. That made it especially common in fights over biolabs, and indeed led to an early theory that it was some sort of biolab-related bug!

The timing of the exploit's discovery could not have been worse, too, as its use grew widespread did right around winter break. That left the SOE out of the office to address it, and the game in a state many considered unplayable throughout much of the Double XP promo. Nevertheless, SOE has moved with welcome rapidity now that they're back in the office. We have our fix, and I'd imagine outfits of all sorts, from Devil Dogs (Connery) to TEST (Mattherson) and basically everything in between, are finding themselves short a handful of unscrupulous players.

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