Snuff Box in Back to Back Capital Fights

Snuff Box, an increasingly prominent lowsec based corporation, has had an interesting week in New Eden: two capital brawls with major nullsec powerhouses. Once all the killboards had synchronized, the final tally was 11 dreadnoughts lost and 11 carriers killed.

Snuff Stomps Goonswarm Carriers

The night started with Goonwaffe FC Dabigredboat taking out an armour battleship roam with carriers and supercapitals on standby. The battleship fleet engaged a Snuff Box ship, which lit a cyno. Out pours a 25 man T3 fleet. DBRB countered by dropping carriers, and Snuff upped the stakes with a pair of supercarriers.

Neither side was able to make much progress against enemy reps, but Snuff Box upped the ante with three more supercarriers. As the reps in the Goon fleet started slipping, DBRB called in a 15-strong supercarrier fleet. Unfortunately, this support was not as prepared as he'd have liked and was out of range. As the supercarriers scrambled to a midpoint, carriers started dropping, with the fourth one going down as reinforcements arrived.

Typically, when such an imposing group of reinforcements arrives, an inferior force will retreat to prevent massive losses. However, Snuff Box took note of the CFC fleet's lack of interdictors (heavy or otherwise) and opted to stick it out. Their tenacity was rewarded, and they bagged a total of ten carrier kills before withdrawing with only relatively modest losses of their own. Winning an outnumbered supercapital battle nearly three-to-one in against one of the largest alliances in the game is no easy feat, and Snuff Box deserve all the respect for this bold move.


Dreadnoughts Take PL Bait

Feeling confident in their exploits from just three days before, Snuff Box got involved with Pandemic Legion. For those who don’t know, dropping capitals on PL tends to be a risky affair and this time proved to be no exception.

A Snuff Box fleet was out doing its thing, when a FW carrier appeared in their scopes. They dropped 14 dreadnoughts and three carriers on it, killing it in short order. So far, so good. Soon thereafter, they found a PL Nyx 400km off a station. Figuring they could melt it with the DPS of their dreadnoughts before help arrived, Snuff Box decided to drop it. They went siege green and set to work... which is when the cyno dropped.

A PL cyno opened

Out of that cyno came 35 more supers, and the rest is just mathematics. With well over a quarter of a million DPS, the supercapitals were able to melt 11 out of the 14 dreads in the span of the siege cycle.

An interesting set of fights; lowsec seems to be increasingly active as interest in Faction Warfare grows and a lack of conflict in nullsec results in more blocs looking for content outside their usual hunting grounds.



There were errors in the original piece regarding the second fight, and we contacted Grath of Pandemic Legion to clarify what occured and correct the article. He offered the following statement:


To correct the article a bit from the PL side of the fight, the Snuff Box dreads were on field killing a carrier, who's I have no idea, but they'd been pushing around the locals a wee bit and since we have friends there we listened when they called.

Snuff Box dropped in to kill and did kill a carrier to my knowledge (, but the extract went bad, their FC got caught up by Fweddit .

The dreads that had managed to evac, regrouped and came back to try and clear the tackled FC.

Arx Sheep is a carrier, not a nyx, and in Fweddit as well, who undocked to provide support for his FW buddies. He also had a cyno. The Snuff Box dreads scattered off the station when they came back in and when Arx lit his cyno they were anywhere from 30-70km from our supers, after some debate we began killing those closest to the station.

So to clarify, there was never a PL nyx used as any form of bait (because thats probably the worst bait in history), all of the players up until we came in were low sec locals.

Correction Update

Having had a chance to speak with our reporter, Kitt JT, it appears he did his level best to speak to the CEO of Snuff Box, the zero-prone 'D0nnieDark0', who he foolishly assumed would be a reliable source. We offer the following raw logs for your amusement as to their incoherency. We note that if Snuff Box would prefer ~more accurate~ reportage from TMC in the future, they should endeavor to have their CEO behave, rather than spewing misinformation and being shocked, shocked in the article comments that our reporters were misled.


[ 2012.12.27 00:39:58 ] Kitt JT > is there someone who was present for both incidents who i can pull aside and chat with about them?
[ 2012.12.27 00:43:35 ] D0nnieDark0 > point of view?
[ 2012.12.27 00:43:53 ] D0nnieDark0 > look at the kb p obvious
[ 2012.12.27 00:44:58 ] Kitt JT > Sure, but if I get only the PL and goon POV, then there will be many people complaining about inaccuracies in the BR
[ 2012.12.27 00:45:12 ] D0nnieDark0 > wait you writing a br ?
[ 2012.12.27 00:45:15 ] D0nnieDark0 > lol
[ 2012.12.27 00:45:30 ] D0nnieDark0 > we came to gank a pl nyx and he lit a cyno
[ 2012.12.27 00:45:33 ] D0nnieDark0 > we died the end
[ 2012.12.27 00:48:01 ] D0nnieDark0 > why not write a br on how we killed 10 goon carriers, with 5 supers vs 15+ supers and 15 carriers
[ 2012.12.27 00:48:14 ] Kitt JT > I am doing that as well.
[ 2012.12.27 00:48:21 ] D0nnieDark0 > lul
[ 2012.12.27 00:48:43 ] D0nnieDark0 > open a convo brah

[ 2012.12.27 00:49:09 ] Kitt JT > is because it was the 23rd of december
[ 2012.12.27 00:49:28 ] D0nnieDark0 > yar
[ 2012.12.27 00:49:47 ] D0nnieDark0 > what do you need to know?
[ 2012.12.27 00:49:48 ] Kitt JT > I'm not positive about all the other writers, but I was with the family
[ 2012.12.27 00:49:53 ] Kitt JT > well, regardign the nyx
[ 2012.12.27 00:50:01 ] Kitt JT > did you come close to killing it?
[ 2012.12.27 00:50:26 ] D0nnieDark0 > 50% shield not close
[ 2012.12.27 00:50:36 ] Kitt JT > :(
[ 2012.12.27 00:50:42 ] D0nnieDark0 > its late in russia & bosnia
[ 2012.12.27 00:50:46 ] Kitt JT > how did you find the nyx?
[ 2012.12.27 00:50:46 ] D0nnieDark0 > wanted some fonz
[ 2012.12.27 00:51:12 ] D0nnieDark0 > he was in a safe spot 400km or soo from the station
[ 2012.12.27 00:51:42 ] Kitt JT > you thought he was just afk and didn't realize he was uncloaked or something?
[ 2012.12.27 00:51:48 ] D0nnieDark0 > carriers were ghost riding hics
[ 2012.12.27 00:52:04 ] D0nnieDark0 > we thought we had the deeps to melt him in 2mins
[ 2012.12.27 00:52:11 ] Kitt JT > fair enough
[ 2012.12.27 00:52:17 ] D0nnieDark0 > but he lit cyno instantly and they had 30+supers
[ 2012.12.27 00:52:25 ] Kitt JT > yeah, not much you can do :(
[ 2012.12.27 00:53:15 ] Kitt JT > the carrier you got
[ 2012.12.27 00:53:17 ] Kitt JT > the chimera
[ 2012.12.27 00:53:22 ] Kitt JT > did it jump in with Pl?
[ 2012.12.27 00:53:40 ] Kitt JT > or was that something different
[ 2012.12.27 00:53:45 ] D0nnieDark0 > it was repping
[ 2012.12.27 00:53:49 ] D0nnieDark0 > not sure if pl or not
[ 2012.12.27 00:53:52 ] D0nnieDark0 > or part of bait squad

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