The Slaughter In F2OY-X

Yesterday, August 2nd, the CFC clashed with the forces of Spaghettico (Black LegionPasta Syndicate, and Mordus Angels) and NC. in their southern staging system of F2OY. The battle lasted some two hours in 10% Time Dialation, and involved roughly 1000 characters.

The prelude to the fight began around 1930 EVE Time. Two CFC Fleet Commanders, Alphastarpilot and Jay Amazingness, requested to lead fleets into HERO space to brawl with the locals. An eighty-strong Harpy fleet was formed under ASP, while Jay led another eighty-ship Electronic Warfare "Fuck You Fleet", largely composed of Celestes. Shortly after forming at 2000, the pair noticed an NC. Harpy fleet in F2OY, and promptly dropped on the smaller NC. fleet, forcing them to regroup next door in 1DH.

While NC. was regrouping, CFC command realised that Black Legion had formed a Tengu fleet in Sakht, and then titan-bridged out to an unknown location. CFC FCs reached the conclusion that the NC. fleet would act as bait for the BL fleet, and Black Legion would cyno in on the next engagement. When NC. returned to F2OY, ASP and Jay were ordered to re-engage the NC. Harpy fleet, while an armor battleship fleet began forming under Reagalan to fight the Black Legion response.

In reality, the Black Legion Tengu force had cynoed out to save a straggler dreadnaught from an operation against a BLAST mining tower in Aridia. After saving the dread, the fleet returned to their titan to bridge into the F2OY fight, now occurring on grid with the station.

At battle's start, the CFC fielded a 90 ship Harpy fleet, a 90-ship Celestis damping fleet, and roughly 75 battleships. Facing them were 60 NC. Harpies led by Stepro, along with 50 Spagettico Tengus (supported by 35 Scimitar logistics ships) under Doombunny and Elo Knight. The Celestis fleet was ordered to focus damps on the Scimitars - but this had less effect than expected, and the CFC battleship fleet was unable to destroy any of the Tengus. Once free of their bubbled cyno, the Tengus warped on top of the Celestes and wiped out the fleet. Dead members of the Celestis fleet were ordered to reship in station and return as either interdictors or armor logistics. Meanwhile, NC. extracted their Harpy fleet to reship into more Tengus.

Unable to break the heavy tank of the Tengus, the CFC battleships re-focused on logistics, and were able to volley Scimitars with alpha strikes. All the while, Jabber broadcasts were bringing more CFC pilots into the fight, adding further battleship DPS as the number of Scimitars dwindled. Eventually, the Scimitars lost critical mass, and the battleships were able to threaten Tengus. After the battleship fleet filled up, reshipping or newly arriving CFC pilots were told to fit out Celestises, warp to wrecks near the fight, and damp random BL/NC. Scimitars.

The battle was slowly turning, thanks to more and more CFC pilots joining the fight from F2OY station. Then the hammer dropped: some 100 CFC sentry carriers undocked, jumped out, and jumped back into the fight. The damped and decimated logistics wing of the BL fleet could not save Tengus under both battleship and sentry fire, and both Tengu fleets made the call to extract. The Black Legion fleet was able to extract most of their surviving Tengus. The NC. fleet bounced to an offline TCU in the system, where they ran into an Initiative (INIT.) neuting armor HAC fleet. NC. suffered the majority of their losses there before being able to extract.

In the end, the CFC lost 16.5 billion isk, while BL and NC. lost roughly the same amount each for a total of 37 billion isk. The CFC lost roughly equal value in dead battleships and the dead EWAR fleet, with the highest attrition rate among Interdictors, many of whom continuously reshipped and fed their craft into the meat grinder. Black Legion had relatively light Tengu casualties, with their bulk of their losses from their Scimitar logistics wing. NC. likely would have escaped with light losses, if not for the run-in with the INIT. fleet after leaving the field.

While all this was going on, a separate skirmish broke out in D-3GIQ, where Brave Collective and INK chased an RvB Ganked roam into Querious before finishing them off.

Thanks to Doombunny, Blue Ice, Reagalan, Blawrf Mctaggart, and Alphastarpilot for the infomation provided for this article.

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