Shadoo on Wargames


(Editor's Note: Shadoo has offered us this post, which was originally made on the TEST forums, regarding the wargames proposal which has been a hot topic around nullsec recently. What do you think?)

In this weeks Shit on Kugu episode we kinda went into the whole "war games" scenario a little on a tangent of what I think a lot of the FCs around different alliance in EVE are experiencing. If you're interested in listening to the podcast which is "Shit on Kugu" -- EP. 26 is now available at: (The SoK talk about "war games" is at minute mark 33, potentially NSFW due to language)


This started out as a few dudes throwing around ideas back in December (Vee, Vince, Manny, etc... on shit on kugu). The reason, for this VERY <expletive> and VERY DUMB idea was the realization that EVE is now so polarized that the only war soon left to be fought would be one most of us would not come out of still playing EVE.

When the effort required to fight a 0.0 sov war is estimated in YEARS, I would argue the system is fundamentally broke. I don't blame it all on CCP - I think the reality is that we, the OLD players, have now played this game for 10 years and too many people know how to bore an attacker out of invading you, or how to most effectively crush a noob lead assault. The ladder is too high for new blood to accomplish anything, except a ridiculed attempt at starting a war that ends up being chased out of NPC sov 3 days later. And the bitter OLD VETS know far too well now what is involved fighting a block war, though we try our best to hide it from you.

For example: In June 2012, I posted on the PL DIR forums to ask if everyone was ready to fight the Southern Coalition block war. I believe I said in the thread it would take 6 months to fight this war and that it would be bloody, shitty and so much grind - I wasn't sure who was going to be around after it. We told PL grunts and those of you around in TEST at the time a very different story, but would you have been eager to follow if you knew in June 2012 how much effort the war was going to be? When I estimated the HBC vs. CFC war to the battlebadgers & PL FCs, I said it would need 2-3 years to fight with the usual eb and flow of a large block war. I based that on the BoB war experience backdrop - though I think in reality it would probably be even more effort now, since both sides know how to fight a prolonged block war. Unsurprisingly -- not many of OUR FCs anyway wanted to fight it on the backdrop of last 6 months grind vs. SoCo we had just completed.

I think we all know that this war cannot be stopped, it is coming - but no one wants to be the <expletive> who starts it, except few who've not actually ever ran or been in the FC side of running a large block war. So what do we do while we wait for people to get SO BORED they're prepared to end their EVE "life" fighting a war no one wants to start, which will last longer than most reading this post are willing to commit to this game?

The idea was simple from the burned out bitter vet FCs on the mumble: Lets all agree to just do what we will without planning do ANYWAY everytime there is a big fight in EVE: agree to meet somewhere and shoot each other.

And lets do it at a scale SO BIG, CCP has no choice but to accept there is a problem, and do something about it fast. We've done this before when we took 20+ titans to 49- outpost in a conga line and doomsdayed Viper's carrier. Seleene on our forums, who was the DEV responsible for the design of the current iteration of supercapitals in EVE, confirmed that this artificially organized event, was the catalyst for putting the right focus on the issue at CCP back in the day and allowing the right resources to be committed to change it. So yes, we HAVE done this before and it HAS worked before.

Anyway - this is where we got to so far, which isn't very far because it got rudely interrupted by the two front war on HBC and the Drones War on N3 which PL got involved in as well.


The Basics

Basically: every large block in EVE agrees to move to Cloud Ring at the same time. Why Cloud Ring? Because two of the largest blocks participating in it have full JB networks to reach there -- and the 3rd can just move through NPC Syndicate.

Each block gets assigned a staging system in 3 corners of the region - this is controlled by each block getting a holding corporation (Blue, Red, Yellow) in the host alliance for the games (Executive Outcomes). The outpost is set to corporation standings, thus only allowing services to be used by the respective block.

This same mechanic would be used to control "SOV" progress which is a sideline thing we'd like to experiment with at the same time -- the alliance/block level rewards would be tied to this progress if we choose to do it. If you meet the criteria to conquer a system, your holding corporation will be transferred the ownership of the outpost. The premise of this idea is to attempt a goal-based progressive 0.0 war with an alternative mechanic to the current one, because shooting <expletive> stations and outposts is <expletive>.

If you accept the blocks are BORED enough to buy into this, and in December I had 100% of the CFC, 100% of the HBC and 100% of the N3 leadership in principal agreeing to doing this -- you would potentially see between 10,000 - 25,000 characters deployed in a single region in EVE within a titan range or ~10 jumps of each other.

If you agree that most people in this game will PROBABLY SHOOT SPACESHIPS just because they are there, you should in principle agree that the potential for 23/7 fights at 50-1000 scale would be a daily possibility. Especially if we timespan this little pink bubble bath to lets say a week, or two. This is before any kinda bullshit pretend SOV system with rewards.

The Carrot

I think some people need a reason to fight. Something more than just ~good fight~ at stake. So we initially thought about something simple: isk. What if we put together a 1 Trillion ISK price pool fund, then create a relatively easy IT system that tracks all the pilots participating in the war and keeps a tab of isk won based on some sort of formula like 1/5th of the ship value killed is credited to your tab.

At the end of it all - you get transferred the total value of your account. It wouldn't be much, but it'd be something. Would that be enough of a carrot? Maybe, maybe not.

We could on top of it, or instead of it, do something at the alliance level. Like, for example, we gather a pool of lets say 10 technetium moons. Whoever wins the SOV objective -- gets the moons to use as they wish.

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