Season's Greetings From Sony Online

Sony Online and Planetside 2 are showing off some serious goodwill towards men and gamers this holiday season. PS2 has of course been offering an additional sale in its cash shop every day as part of a “Twelve Days of Christmas” promotion. To date, the sales have revolved around the new line of “Illuminated” class helmets, which could be charitably described as “hardhats in space,” but it's the thought that counts, right?

On a personal note, I've found Planetside 2's cosmetic helmet options to be rather hit or miss. While the lines of Composite helmets are objectively cool and elegant and very much in line with Planetside 1 aesthetics, the new Illuminated helmets don't work for me. The less said about the hilariously dumb lines of skull-faced helmets the better (pro-tip for you skull helmet wearers out there: they make you look like the dude in the bear/pig costume from The Shining.)

Far more exciting is John Smedley's confirmation that Sony Online Entertainment will be having a Triple StationCash Day on December 21, so if you are thinking of buying Planetside 2 unlocks, Friday would be a good day trade in your cold hard cash for space dollars. Triple StationCash days applies to gamecards as well, so, if you happened to have a $15 Walmart gamecard with its 500 bonus StationCash incentive and applied it on Friday, you'd end up with $60 dollars worth of StationCash, which is a strategy to consider if you see yourself as being with Planetside 2 for the long haul and aren't exactly a member of the 1%.

Speaking for myself, I'll be using that FunBux windfall to purchase one of the new horns for the Sunderer, which I've long-advocated for. Granted, my Sunderer won't be blaring out the opening bars to Dixie or La Cucaracha as it careens over friendly and hostile infantry alike, but one day that dream may yet come true. 

As a child, Hratli Smirks' village was attacked by Large Control Towers and his parents slain. On that day, Hratli swore an oath to seek out and kill POS towers throughout the galaxy.