The Scalding Freeport Zone

Scalding Pass is, historically, one of the worst renter regions: the average security status is low, and the Curse region full of blood-thirsty pirates is just next door. Despite rental prices being reasonably low, nobody really wanted that space. As such, it's understandable that after Phoebe has been released, the region was pretty much abandoned by N3. N3’s Asian alliances Fraternity. and Caladrius Alliance struggled against the Meow Coalition (The Gorgon Empire, Red Alliance and Dream Fleet), but eventually gave up and moved to Esoteria.

December 15, Phoebe Freeport Republic has liberated the last outpost in Scalding Pass belonging to N3 - 4-CM8I, which is now PFR’s Freeport 2. The other 11 outposts were captured by their like-minded allies The Gorgon Empire. The new owners do not want to repeat N3’s mistakes and hold a different approach to their sov.

All 12 outposts in Scalding Pass are, as of now, freeports - the docking fee is removed, and all services are available to anyone. The Gorgon Empire has claimed that anyone willing to settle in the region will be granted a limited NAP with them which applies to POS, sovereignty structures and fleets that are formed to defend sov or to grind the remaining N3 systems.

The goal being pursued is to turn the essentially deserted lands into a lively place, a home for various small amateur organizations who want to set foot in nullsec. They won't be asked to pay the rent, but they will have to defend themselves, and for that they will have to cooperate with each other. The idea itself is not original - the Providence arrangement has been around for a great deal of time - but the actual stage for it has been set, and Phoebe changes provide a unique environment for this experiment.

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