SC2 HOTS Balance Update 11

Zerg - Damn, fungal needs heavier reiteration. Even now that it's a projectile (which means that PDDs can shoot them down) they're still near impossible to dodge. It's not even that though, it's the core mechanic of the spell, which locks people in place completely. Perhaps if it only slowed units it wouldn't be such a game breaker.. other than that, no Zergs haven't been left in the cold at all - I think that Viper usage with Blinding Cloud is going to be just as effective (and abused) as fungal already is. Swarm hosts are a bit meh though, feel sorry for Z there.Protoss - I can see time warp + storms being a ridiculously good combination. To be honest I'm really pleased with everything toss have got at the moment in Hots - refreshing to see so many new units and styles being put into play. The mothership core finally means early game protoss isn't just a defensive scramble, they can put on the hurt themselves nice and early which after a year of watching forge fast expands will be a breath of fresh air.Terran - The red headed stepchild of Blizzard. Terran have been massively underpowered the whole year and Hots isn't looking that great for them either. Husky Starcraft explains in nearly every Hots replay he casts that there are hardly any Ts actually on Hots beta ladder at the moment because they still suck. Terran is still forced to 11min mid-game Protoss before the bioball melts under Colossi, Storms (with time warp now) and FFs. The only matchup in which mech is viable for T is against Z, but blinding cloud + abduct completely own any slow, immobile army. Man, there are so many different ways that T is dominated by the other races in my opinion. When blizzard momentarily combined air + ground vehicle upgrades into 1 I thought there was light on the horizon, yet that was taken away again. Endgame zealot + archon and ultralisk tech switches will roll us as they always have done. T needs serious help.. widow mines aren't that, and nor are hellbats.
I'm not complaining that they got buffed, changes needed to be made, I'm more concerned about the WAY they are being buffed. Reapers are cool but I feel like they might be overkill. And siege tanks are insanely powerful, if I have enough tanks I can obliterate an army and turn it into a turtle game, and turtle games suck. So those are my primary concerns.

With a new round of changes released from Blizzard today regarding HOTS many are asking the question, will Terran became the new “imba” race? By the time IPL 5 came around last year it had become very clear to the Starcraft community that Zerg was the race to play and the race to beat. With so called “imbalanced” units that gave Zerg an unfair advantage against every other race, Zerg players were undefeatable and tournaments were consumed by Zerg players and ZvZ matchups. Every race has been cast in the role of imbalanced and Terran has assumed the title of imbalanced many times in the past and it seems as though the race is in a position to assume that title once again.

Blizzard has indicated an interest in making Reapers a more effective unit for early harass. In previous updates they made it so Reapers passively regenerated health, and now in this update they have eliminated the need for a Tech Lab in order to create Reapers. As in stands in Wings of Liberty, Reapers effectiveness is limited to a very small window. Without the need for early gas and the time it takes to build the Tech Lab Reapers will have a much larger window of opportunity to be effective. In addition to this, the movement speed of Reapers is also being increased. As Terran players are already able to get a large enough army in the early game to take out other races, this change seems like overkill.

As well as buffing Reapers and Terran early game, Siege Tanks have been changed so that they no longer require the ability to be researched before it can be used. Tanks now come out of the Factory already able to go into siege mode. Tanks are a very effective unit and are especially powerful against other Terran and Zerg players. Not having to research this gives Terran an early tech lead over Zerg and will ensure Terran vs Terran matchups become more and more reliant on which player has more tanks leading to more boring stalemates.

While the other races face fewer changes, it seems as though Blizzard is not finished running over Zerg with the nerf train. They’ve once again taken a shot at Infestors decreasing the damage they do to armored units from 40 to 30. In addition to this change, previous balance updates have seen the range of Fungal Growth decreased, putting the non-attacking units in danger of being easily picked off. And the ability changed to a projectile, making it harder to land the ability on other units.

Protoss’ Mothership sees the ability Vortex removed. Although the Motherhship will gain the ability Time Warp, so will the Mothership Core, so we will have to see how this affects its effectiveness. With the introduction of the Mothership Core and the Vortex ability gone, I don’t see the Mothership being a worthwhile investment anymore.

Terran mech play and early game effectiveness continues to be buffed, Protoss air continues to grow more and more viable, while Zerg seem to be left out in the cold.

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