The RVB vs E-UNI War: The RvB Perspective

The fourth war between RvB and E-UNI kicked off last week on Friday the 15th, once again pitting the largest high-sec entities in the game against each other. In four short days, more than 3500 ships were destroyed in Aldrat and the surrounding areas, to the tune of 110 billion ISK in losses. The spotlight of this war was the battle for the Aldrat POS, the largest battle in high-sec since the last RvB war dec. Over 600 players participated over eight hours on a reinforced node, resembling more a null-sec system timer than your standard high-sec skirmish.

This war was not a spontaneous decision on the part of RvB. It was planned months in advance; RvB had “lost” the battle for the POS in the last E-UNI war and put the lessons learned to good use. Over the previous months, RvB had used Red Frog, as well as private freighters, to move corporate stockpiles of ships into position and had prepared pre-fitted ships on corporation contracts. The last war had lost momentum once stockpiles and markets became depleted of ships and modules. Other preparations included brick tanking FC ships, as spies within RvB allowed E-UNI to primary and eliminate FCs in the previous war; bait tanking the FC turned that from a liability to an asset.

While killboards might indicate that both sides brought a kitchen sink fleet to the fight, the RvB fleet had an organized core of armor battleships supported by over 20 T2 logistics, with the rest of the fleet being a pure kitchen sink of whatever that pilot could fly. Professor Clio of RvB notes that poor preparation had lost them the last war, but better preparation this time around, such as having the core fleet be one tank type, was decisive when fighting outnumbered against E-UNI’s mixed tank fleet. It was the first time that he had personally commanded a fleet that large.

One point that RvB wants to make clear is that this is not a war to “destroy E-UNI”. The RvB leadership has a good deal of respect for E-UNI and what they do. The primary purpose of the war dec is to provide fights for its members and something different from the usual RvB experience of skirmishing and low-cost ships. Professor Clio also noted that recruitment to RvB has increased since the announcement of the war dec, as the E-UNI wars are quite famous inside RvB for being the only fights against an entity of comparable size. If E-UNI collapses or becomes less PvP friendly, all that does is deprive RvB members of potential fights and content.

Protection of the POS has been a massive conflict driver, resulting in three major fights, the destruction of over a thousand ships, and the POS itself destroyed. With the loss of the POS, E-UNI has few practical reasons left to undock and fight, but it seems like the pace of combat has only slowed a little, with another 1000 ships killed in the two days after its destruction. As long as the explosions keep happening, RvB will keep fighting.

Battle reports, courtesy of Professor Clio:

Many thanks to Professor Clio for providing much of the information behind this article.

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