RvB vs. E-UNI: The Second Battle of Aldrat

On February 14th, Red Versus Blue's wardec with EVE University went live. As Red Federation and Blue Republic redeployed from their respective stagings to Aldrat, Professor Clio laid out the plans: An E-UNI POS would be the ultimate target, and this time, it would die. On the 15th, the 9-9 POS in Aldrat was reinforced.  It would come out of reinforced at 20:00 the next day. Last year, RvB hatched a similar plot to destroy an E-UNI POS in highsec, but was foiled by the joining of mercenaries with E-UNI to defend the structure.  Still, the massive fight was good for the spirits and the killboards alike. 

On the 16th, RvB formed up at 1800 to incap some POS mods that had been repped, and a 120-strong battleship fleet pushed E-UNI back into their shields. At 1900 the POS-bashing fleet had begun forming in earnest, and as the FC sorted out armor and shield wings, E-UNI began forming as well. By 1930 local in Aldrat reached over 750, with RvB needing two fleets to fit everybody, and Professor Clio fleet-warped his massive armor battleship blob to 9-9.

Again, the E-UNI fleet retreated into their POS, having repaired a few guns and ewar modules. Neutrals took advantage of Crimewatch mechanics to aggress Blue logi repping Red logi (and vice versa) without the possibility of retribution from the fleet as a whole, while E-UNI did not encounter this problem at all. RvB took this as a challenge rather than a dealbreaker, and continued forming elsewhere in system to take down the POS when it came out of reinforced at 2000.

At 2010 RvB landed at 9-9 and began shooting the structure, while E-UNI sat in the safety of their bubble. As RvB battered the POS, the E-UNI fleet - destroyer and battleship heavy - landed on the RvB fleet at zero. Those hiding in the pos burned out to join the fray. The fight lasted around 20 minutes with TiDi reaching 33%, but RvB held the field and turned back to the pos. E-UNI attempted to field a T3 BC sniper fleet as the pos entered structure, but the second tackle-heavy RvB fleet made quick work of them. Ponywaffe also arrived in smartbombing battleships, but perhaps realizing that the RvB fleet was not as dense, numerous or soft as expected, they left without completing their suicide mission.

GFs were shared, and the second Battle of Aldrat was a stunning success for RvB.

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