RvB vs E-uni : Round 5

In what has become an annual tradition, Red Vs Blue has yet again combined into the Purple steamroller and declared war on Eve University.

This marks the 5th time such an event has occurred. The 4th RvB/E-uni war ended with a climactic battle at E-uni’s Aldrat POS, resulting in the largest highsec battle to date and the destruction of the long standing Aldrat POS. With victory secured, RvB left their own POS as a conqueror’s flag and returned to their business in the Forge, while E-uni set in planning how to win the next war, and things went back to normal.

While undoubtedly an unique experience for both groups, there were lessons to be learned and observations to be made. In the last war, RvB stockpiled ships in advance, and after a week of high intensity fighting, E-uni had simply run out of ships to fight with, as they had not prepared for the war. The ultimate goal of the RvB v E-uni war is not to “defeat the enemy” but rather to obtain as many fights and kills as possible.

4 weeks prior to the start of the war on April 4th, Azmodeus Valar, the CEO of E-uni, had contacted Del DelVechio regarding rumors of a war. At the time, E-uni was preparing to celebrate its 10th birthday on March 15th, and as a result, most of the staff and members will be participating in anniversary related events rather than the war. Should the war start then, E-uni will use the 24 hour grace period to secure in-space assets (POS and Poco’s) so students can participate in live interviews with the EVE famous, including Chribba, The Mittani, and Grath Telkin. RvB would not get the fights that it wanted.

With that in mind, Del DelVechio delayed the war, and RvB would eventually stockpile some 2500 ships in Aldrat. Meanwhile, E-uni was not sitting still, and went about its own preparations; setting up ships on contracts, telling members to build up a war-chest, and instructing newcomers about what to expect in a large scale war. The Eve University of 2014 is a more entrenched group comparing to the Eve University of 2013, having weathered 2 years of frequent war-decs. The players were more wary, and there was a pool of fairly competent pilots from the Wormhole and Nullsec campuses to draw on. When war was finally declared on April 4th, both parties had had the better part of a month to settle in for the (relatively) long haul.

In order to make fights as accessible as possible, RvB chose to stage their war effort in the same system as E-uni’s home, Aldrat. While E-uni lived in at the Planet 9 Moon 1 Pator Tech School, RvB stages out of the other planet 9 station. So far, both sides have intentionally largely kept the scale of ships to the cruiser level to ensure all pilots can participate in fleets, and RvB has not gone after any of E-uni’s POS or POCO’s. As a result, the carnage has been unending, in 4 full days of fighting, some 80 billion isk in ships has been destroyed, despite both sides fielding primarily cruiser doctrines.

So far, reactions from both groups have been positive. Professor Clio of RvB states that “it feels odd to fight outnumbered, we're not used to that. It should make both sides better pvpers which is part of the goal”. Clio also mentioned that members were happy at not having to fly drone-assist fleets for POCO defense anymore, as RvB will not defend it’s POCO’s in the forge for the duration of the war, but plans to retake any that are lost following it. On the E-uni side, members expressed satisfaction that unlike their standard wardecs, the enemy they are fighting now is in the open and willing to engage.

Thanks to Professor Clio and Azmodeus Valar for their time. Loss breakdown courtesy of DingoGS

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