RONIN and Pixies: Like a Boss

Last Sunday saw a team that fielded one of the coolest and possibly smartest setups an eight-man team could bring. RONIN and Pixies built their team around a core of three ships, this combination provided an excellent defense against most ship types.


The Setup

The team's setup against The Expendables was built around a three ship core. This consisted of a Widow, a Vulture and a Basilisk. The rest of the team was filled in by ships such as the Cyclone, Harpy, Sabre and Merlin.

With the tournament introducing the new system of DEFENSE - ATTACK - CONTROL, every spectator can see where a team's focus lies. RONIN and Pixies, at first sight, looked like having an electronic warfare focus, judging from the team makeup, using a Widow and very effective electronic attack frigates.


The Meta

The RONIN and Pixies team, however, soon revealed the ingeniousness of their setup. Before we go into this, let's talk about some of the drawbacks of bringing such a team before tackling the advantages.

Bringing this type of setup often leaves you low on offensive power, a problem the team countered by adding a cyclone to the mix, a battlecruiser that has considerable damage output and does not rely on targets being huge, something a Widow with its torpedoes needs.

The list of advantages, however, seems to be considerably longer. We'll tackle the advantages by using a list to avoid any confusion.

- The Vulture: Not only does this ship have bonuses that make every man jealous, in small gang combat, it can provide notable offensive power which, in this case, RONIN and Pixies needed.

- The Widow: An amazing ship that not only provides heavy support to electronic warfare but with the many high slots it has, allows the use of smartbombs to counteract enemy drones.

- The Support: Every team needs great frigate support and the team focused on their frigates providing extra electronic warfare support on top of much needed damage output.


The Amazing Combo

The magic truly happened when it became clear what RONIN and Pixies actually brought: A magically beautiful Widow - Basilisk combo. Because the Widow has many high slots they had fitted a Cap Transfer on the ship. The Widow and Basilisk were thus in a cap chain, providing each other with infinite cap. Not only did it provide the Basilisk with juice to heal the entire team it also allowed him to infinitely run its ASB (Ancillary Shield Booster), a controversial module in recent times. It effectively provided the team with nearly unbreakable tank on top of the immense bonuses provided by the Vulture. On top of that, a heavy smartbomb on the Widow dealt with jamming drones while the Basilisk was orbiting the Widow, as can be seen in the video.

While jamming the opposite team, RONIN and Pixies could pick off enemies with what damage they had and keep everyone's shield plenty full. The Expendables tried to bring down the Basilisk but with the exceptional shield module running infinitely it was nearly impossible.



Are there any fleet compositions that could have dealt with such a great setup? It would have been hard. Heavy damage could have been an option or a full jamming team to override the powerful jams by the Widow and to break lock between the Basilisk and Widow. It does however seem that, at best, Expendables would only have been able to pick off RONIN and Pixies' support. A memorable fight and strong setup is all there is to say.


Here is the video of the fight for your viewing pleasure - Click here

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