ROGUE Supercapital Shipyard Torched

When Intrepid Crossing was laid low by RAZOR and the CFC in the winter of this year, it was ROGUE Alliance, a previous IRC pet, who rose up to take their space. Surrounded by RAZOR to the north and the invading N3 Coalition forces to the south, it took some serious political maneuvering by ROGUE to secure its borders with both sides.

Their space had been reasonably quiet until today, when a NCdot strike force dealt  them a hefty blow, destroying a tower with two CSAAs, one of which had a Nyx in build, and purchasing the contents of a third CSAA with gunpoint diplomacy. During this engagement, a third Nyx-class supercarrier from ROGUE was lost after becoming bubbled inside the reinforced POS. ROGUE attempted a starburst manoeuvre as made famous by Rooks and Kings, but unfortunately the Nyx was not correctly positioned within the POS and was thrown into the NCdot fleet and another HIC bubble.

To find out what happened, I contacted both ROGUE and NCdot representatives to get their perspectives. ROGUE says NCdot broke a non-invasion pact unilaterally. NCdot says there's more to the story.

I first spoke with Mordox, co-alliance leader of ROGUE.

TMC: Let's start with the question everyone wants to know: Can you confirm exactly what was lost in those CSAAs?

M: One Nyx destroyed in the CSAA and one Nyx destroyed with a login accident.

TMC: The other CSAAs were empty?

M: One of the CSAAs was not destroyed due to some diplomacy with interested parties. Translation, money changed hands.

TMC: Can you give any more details on this?

M: No, it's a source of irritation.

TMC: I noticed the time of this event and I'm curious why you would time your CSAAs to Russian Prime, knowing NC and PL would be formed at that time to hit SOLAR sovereignty?

M: We received intel that Whyso Serious would possibly attack the tower. We timed the tower to come out in our prime assuming WHYSO would attack at their normal time. We didn't anticipate NCdot would attack at all due to the Non Invasion Pact we had in place. NCdot's surprise assault meant that the tower was poorly stronted. When we went to Vince to tell him about the WHYSO situation, we asked about the agreement. There was no answer and he went offline. In hindsight, we should have gotten the message I guess.

TMC: So you're claiming NCdot broke a NIP? Was there any provocation for this action?

M: None that we are aware of. We are told it's because we sent some guys to Fountain. Our agreement is in the Drone region. You'll have to ask NCdot about their justification for the surprise attack.

TMC: Are ROGUE not allies of RAZOR and the CFC? Did you ask for assistance?

M: Yes, we consider RAZOR our closest friends and through them we have gained close friends with other CFC members. Great dudes. We knew we were far away from our new friends and they are tied up in Fountain.  When you weigh it up, you can't fault our friends' decision.

TMC: Just to clarify, you did ask if they could help and were told logistically it wasn't feasible?

M: Yes, we made them aware of the situation. Discussions where held and they let us know it wasn't feasible.

TMC: Do you feel this is acceptable given the fact that ROGUE members attended the timers of recent RAZOR CSAAs that have been reinforced?

M: You can only ask your friends to do their best. They always made it clear to us how the geography would affect us and that some may attack us to get at them.

We felt we were ok with the NIP with NCdot. Our other neighbours we could handle, it was the surprise attack that hurt us. So yes, they are our friends and we understand. In short, yes it's acceptable. We also have a NIP with PL and they have been very good about it. Again, good dudes.

TMC: The Nyx was quite the expensive triage carrier, what was it doing?

M: We asked the pilot the same thing. There were repping carriers out there, but, well, you don't use a super to rep a PoS now do you. As far as I'm aware it logged in and was bubbled, I did hear on comms that they would attempt the starburst escape, but it was not successful. One of those things that happen in EVE and everyone face palms, just feel for the pilot.

Director of Specter Syndicate in Tactical Narcotics Team and a EuroGoon. I enjoy following the ebb and flow of conflict narratives all across EVE and examining events that cause the rise and fall of alliances.