RnK & UMAD Battle -A- over Titan

Miss ya Jixx (Skrubs). Glad you're having fun :)
pfff titans are throw away ships nowadays. come back with some ALOD.
"When we arrived on field, the titan was a couple of hundred KM off the POS, already at 75% armour, so we knew it was already dead."- think he means "75% structure" otherwise this titan would have been all but not "already dead".
Does anyone else read this story in Liam's voice like it was a RnK video?
Liam is Linkeleo, one of their main triage guys (in the old days anyway); the guy who does the RnK vids is their main fc Lord M/Alaz, though he's also the guy quoted here.
Right. It's just T1 anyway :)
This battle seems to have wiped Broken Toys completely off the bounty board. They were at number 1 on the corp wanted list.
why was the BT fleet in Ussad in the first place? Some Say that a local group of pirates had reinforced a pos that belonged to bsfu (a faggit mining corp) who are blue to broken toys, BT came to their rescue after elcon (CEO of bsfu) cried for help. The blame for this loss lies with bsfu after there failing attemps to hold onto their assets in the ussad area.Long Live PL and SPC .

We spoke to Rooks and Kings member LM for information on the Broken Toys Erebus kill and RnK's battles with -A- earlier this week. Most of the following text is from RnK's perspective. A short quote from an -A- member follows later.

"Broken Toys had bridged a Geddon fleet (30-40?) to Ussad. On their return journey, they paused on the Nakah gate, where we were docked with good numbers. Perhaps concerned that we might try and tackle them crossing, they decided to return to Ussad. This wasn't necessarily a bad move, since it was indeed something we were considering, especially given the juicy looking Bhaalgorn they had with them."

[]The original Broken Toys fleet.

"So Broken Toys moved their fleet to a POS in Ussad. Time to hail a cab? Indeed. An Erebus jumped in to a spot 200km above the tower. Delenarious, of our allies Pure Madness, warped in a cyno and dropped a UMAD fleet on him.

During the next couple of minutes, UMAD and Broken Toys brawled. UMAD did an exceptional job of holding the titan with initially only two HICs. At that point, too, they were somewhat outnumbered and had to cut through the Broken Toys' geddons fast to prevent them killing the tackle. A thoughtful Vindicator web held the BT Bhaalgorn out of neut range of both HICS, and he met a swift demise soon after anyway.

In the meantime, we undocked and formed up on on a titan in battleships and Guardians, with a strong emphasis on Vindicators (twelve). After our first titan fail-jumped instead of bridging (“That's no HIC”, Del observed, upon seeing the unexpected arrival on grid), we gathered on a second titan and then joined the fray.

Though they fought bravely to help their stricken titan, the remains of the Broken Toys fleet was quickly killed off and we started on the Erebus. A certain Mr. Blue then informed us that -A- were on the move to help save the titan, as they are apparently blue to Broken Toys.

Much like a tumultuous, heaving moon or some other orbiting celestial body, -A- bring behind them PL, and the Legion were indeed inbound."

[]"Half of structure and we've got Evil Thug on the auto-dialler."

"We'd dropped in three dreadnoughts to add to our fire-power and the Erebus was sinking fast. As it hit structure, -A- landed on field with a Tengu fleet that crucially contained some Falcons. Thankfully the few Navpocs we'd brought with us were enough to pop one troublesome Falcon who was jamming our HICs and before other hostile ECM could kick in, the Erebus popped.

At this point Pandemic Legion arrived on field in a Caracal fleet, and fearlessly went straight for the -A- Tengus. -A-'s heavier composition proved too much on this occasion, and PL left to reship. We too needed to reship, since Vindicators are obviously not ideal to brawl against Tengus that warped in at range of us.

With our dreads capped up, we jumped them out and set off back to Nakah (losing only our cyno, that we left behind) with -A-'s fleet following a jump or two behind. Once in Nakah, we re-approached on the Raha gate with the few Navpocs we had, and sent most of the Vindicators to reship."

Battle is joined.

"-A- jumped in and engaged. After warping two Archons in (Mesh and Skrubs), we were able to filter the Guardians out so that they could reship also. Although we took a few losses whilst orchestrating the switch, we eventually had a strong setup on the gate: two Archons in triage, a Navpoc cluster covered by firewalling phoons, long point Proteuses and a couple Vindicators to catch anything jumping in to us from the gate.

This entailed a lot of rep and mitigation and proved difficult for the Tengus to make headway against. Despite some excellent and ferocious repping from their logistics, -A- were gradually losing Tengus and Recons. For every two that would be saved in structure, one would pop. Eventually they made the call to disengage after a long battle."

[]View from Skrubs' triage

"For us the story was complete there – though there were whisperings on the wind of another chapter once PL finished reshipping and went hunting the surviving -A- Tengus in Curse. Another fireplace, another story."

A source within -A- gave us their side of the story:

"The first I heard of the Titan being tackled was when we got pinged over TS to get into fleet and get into the target system (Ussad). When we arrived on field, the titan was a couple of hundred KM off the POS, already at 75% armour, so we knew it was already dead. Our scouts reported that GE- had fallen by around 150 people or so, so we decided to not drop triage carriers to save the Titan, because of PL already being on the way.

On the way back home, we ran into RNK again and brawled them in their vindicators. RNK then dropped a couple of triage archon, forcing the fight to become a stalemate, so the fleet deagressed."


Titan kill: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=15546874
RNK/-A- Battle Report : http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=15546266

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