Retribution 1.2 Released

On May 6th and 7th, CCP released Retribution 1.2 and 1.2.1 respectively. The biggest changes for EVE players were the expansion of V3 graphics to include capitals, capital wrecks, stations, and drones. It's a damn shame the patch didn't release before our own Marlona Sky's Flight of a Thousand Rifters event! The Nyx and subsequent wreck would have been beautiful. Back on topic, all station hangars were given a much needed makeover, with a darker, crisper feel. Also present are ships flying to and fro in the background, giving the feeling that you're not alone in the station, regardless of the infamous locked door.

Also included in the patches were changes to the Naglfar dreadnaught. The Naglfar now is exclusively a projectile turret dread, instead of the previous split weapon configuration with missiles and projectiles. To compensate for the loss of missiles, the hull now has a 50% damage bonus, a reduction of high slots from 3 to 5, and reduced CPU and powergrid. Most pilots will see this as a huge buff for the Naglfar. Not only will the training time and ammo consumption be reduced, but given the issues with capital missiles, this will allow for the Naglfar to fill the flavor-of-the-month role of Blap Dreads more effectively. We'll hopefully see more Minmatar dreads on ship kill mails, leaving only the venerable Phoenix as a dedicated POS basher. Speaking of the Phoenix, it was also changed. However, its adjustment was comparatively minor, having its single turret slot removed – something that wasn't used anyways.

Full patch notes can be read here.

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