RED Federation Disband Leads To Wardec Hysterics

A few days ago the RvB - RED Federation alliance, a group of 3000 players known for its eternal war with BLUE Republic, was disbanded during downtime. It is not clear exactly why. Some have claimed that it was because the alliance CEO was moving isk around to keep from having to pay the massive fees incurred by their numerous wardecs, while others have said it was due to a server-side bug. Either way, when the alliance was disbanded, the owner of Dec Shield alliance quickly impounded the alliance's name to prevent it being reformed. The alliance leader of RvB, Del DelVechio, vowed to petition the events and attempt to get the alliance restored in full.

Yesterday, GMs responded. The Dec Shield held "RvB - RED Federation" corporation was renamed to "RvB - RED FederationSTOLEN0" and the "RvB - RED Federation" alliance was restored in full to its original state from before the disband. The GMs stopped short of restoring their wars. It is worth noting that this same tactic of name-stealing was used by GoonSwarm when Band of Brothers was disbanded; the fact that the GMs were willing to return RvB - RED Federation's name contradicts the precedent set by the Band of Brothers case, in a surprising display of inconsistency.

Both sides of RvB have been trapped in permanent wars with Dec Shield alliance since mid-October, which have led to dozens of splinter copy wars that both alliances were trapped in. It is currently unknown if GMs intend to restore these wars.

During the initial disbanding of "RvB - RED Federation" the member corps each received copies of the alliance's wars, which have persisted to this day. When the alliance was restored, the member corps were restored as well. This created an ordinarily impossible ingame event where the corporations inside the alliance had outgoing wars, while the alliance itself was at peace.

As a result the wars themselves have become bugged and don't flag enemies as valid targets. Neither the Red or Blue side of RvB are able to shoot each other without being Concorded, despite being at war with one another. Each show as neutral to the other, and their wars do not register on the war tracker. Showing info on the corporations reveal that they are still at war.

This created a 24 hour ceasefire between Red Federation and all their war targets. The GM actions may have freed them from their conflict with Dec Shield. However, RvB's leaders have now awakened and re-declared war on one another. Whether that means their members can resume hostilities has yet to be determined.

Full disclosure: Dec Shield is owned and operated by a director of Gentlemen's Agreement.

Kesper North is a humble line member in GoonSwarm Federation. His passions in EVE are nullsec politics and solo PVP. He gladly accepts donations of Orthruses. Twitter: @KesperNorth